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Rqotd - 6/16

What do you typically eat for lunch?

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Hummus on whole wheat bread with provolone cheese and veganaise. Plus a Clif Bar. My lunch creativity is in the dumps.

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I typically eat a whole wheat wrap with spinach, cheese, and grilled chicken or lunch meat. Sometime it's a sandwich if I need to make more tortillas. Usually frozen grapes, watermelon, or strawberries on the side. I usually get hungry before dinner, so I'll snack on a handful of cereal, cheese and crackers, or whatever baked thing I've made that week (muffins, granola bars, etc).

I decided to be different this week and eat tuna melts on almost whole wheat english muffins.

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Whatever I can throw in the bag before I head out the door. I typically do a salad here from the lunchroom...she gives them free and are good. Smile Or a Lean Cuisine when I've gone to the store. Sides of jello or pudding or snack bars. I try to have at least 1 piece of fruit.

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mostly sandwiches. borrrringggg. i am too lazy to get fancy for lunchtime and try to save that for dinner lol. i try to switch it up, tuna, egg etc..

Jackie, i follow your blog and made those granola bars. Yum!!

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It depends. Sometimes it's leftovers from the night before. Sometimes sandwiches. I sort of do whatever. LOL! I always have the same thing for breakfast and supper is planned, but lunch is just a whatever sort of meal.

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Turkey sandwiches, lean cuisine, left-overs... Blah. Subway is close to my work, so I go there fairly often. I'm in a rut.

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usually something with cheese. Although this past week I've had salad Smile

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Just depends on the day. Typically dh is home during the day so we eat lunch out a few times a week, then if we are home, maybe frozen pizza, salad or sandwiches..

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Leftovers from night before or soup. Past 2 weeks I've been into lettuce wraps using tuna, cheeses, or egg salad. I should try a hummus & veggie combo on that!

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Usually left overs from the night before. Or wraps with different things and avocado. I love avocado!

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Left overs, kraft dinner, soups... today I made myself a cheese quesadilla Blum 3

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Leftovers or a ham and cheese sanwhich on wholemeal bread. Because I use a good portion of my lunch hour to pump lunch is always very quick and easy

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Leftovers or something from the cafeteria at the hospital. I'm glad that our garden has started mass producing veggies, so now it's usually that. Maybe with some cottage cheese, yummy!!!!

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If I'm at work it's either a Lean Cuisine, a sandwich or soup from the Publix deli, or sometimes their sushi if I'm wanting to splurge. If I'm at home it's either a sandwich or maybe leftovers.