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Rqotd - 6/29

Man, it's finally letting me start a post! It was driving me nuts because it wouldn't let me start one!

Okay 'fess up time: How often do you shave your legs? Blum 3

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In the summer every 2-3 days. I love having blonde hair because you don't notice it. It's also growing slower than it did pre pregnancy! In the winter? I shave when it annoys me. lol

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I shave every time I shower...Either every day or EOD:0)

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I used to shave everyday when I met dh Smile But now, in real life, it's every few days. My hair also grows slower now than in pre-pg. I love it!!!

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ok i will be honest, in the winter almost never! lol unless i know someone will be seeing them so i am just lazy. i shave my armpits all the time though that i won't let go. in the summer, probably every couple of days. more if we are going out or going somewhere lol.

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In the summer every day. The winter every few days.

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Whether it's winter or summer, I shave everyday or every other day. I can't stand the feel of my leg hair growing in! Biggrin

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As less often as I can. Lol

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My hair grows soooooo slow. So even in the summer maybe once a week, but i've been lazy lately.....LOL!

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if it's hot and I have my legs out then every couple of days but if not then once a week maybe. No longer than 10 days.

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Honestly probably like once a week.. In the summer it might be a little bit more..

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In the summer, pretty much everyday. In the winter, every 3-4 days.

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I don't shave, I wax. so every 6-8 weeks. I haven't really shaved my legs (bar a few not being able to wax times) since I was 13

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Whenever I plan on wearing shorts ;). My hair must grow really slow or something. In the summer (which is Mar-Nov here) I probably shave every 3-5 days. In the winter it's maybe once per week if I remember.

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In the summer every day or every other day. In the winter, about 2x a week. I really can't stand for them to be too hairy, even if I'm not wearing skirts or shorts.

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Maybe once a week right now.