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Or questions Smile

Meals- do you plan for a week at a time or just go with it?
Whats your go to soecial occassion meal?
What is/was for dinner tonight?

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I try to plan one week at a time. Which reminds me, I still need to post my menu for this week on my blog. Right now it's just written in marker on a scrap of Aiden's artwork. Lol

My favorite meal for a special occasion that doesn't have me in the kitchen very long (cause who wants to spend forever cooking on days like that?!) is Penne a la Betsy. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/09/cooking_with_my_punk-***_little_sister_penne_a_la_betsy/
Only I recommend using a flavorful blush wine. Gives it a different taste from other wine sauces that turns this dish into irresistible.

Tonight we had grilled steaks and sweet potato slices. Don't know why I don't grill my potatoes like this more often - it's quick and tasty.

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I go with it, i always make sure i have a stock of ingredients but we have very simple meals and similar things each week.

Soecial occasions are generally hubbys birthday or anniversaries so he gets lasange then because it's his favourite

Dinner tonight is stuffed capsicums, i am going to do cous cous, mince and some various veggies kind of mediterrean style ish

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Oh and Aiden didn't a single bite of the steaks and potatoes. But he did eat an entire grilled cheese, about 20 grapes, a breakfast bar, and 10 crackers. :roll:

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I plan out meals for the week and try really hard to only make one trip to the grocery store each week.

My go to special occasion meal is lasagna if I'm not spending all day cooking or veggie shephard's pie if I am.

We had Italian-Asian fusion tonight. Stir fry with tofu & tortellini. I'm finally learning how to properly fry tofu!!

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We usually plan the week and go to the store once, with only emergency fill in trips if really necessary. Usually DH will make one big meal that will last for at least 3 nights, and then one of us will make something simple the other couple of weeknights. We almost always go over to his sister's or out or something on Fridays, so we only plan about 5 dinners and wing the weekend. I shop on Sunday morning.

Tonight we went out because he just got home late afternoon from a work trip and the cupboard is bare...often the case by Saturday anyway, but he was way too beat to deal with it tonight so we got Thai. Yum Biggrin

Stir fry with tofu is a staple in this house! Ask Porter if you need any tips...he is fantastic at it.

If I'm doing a huge fancy meal, my go-to is gumbo from scratch--usually serious scratch, making the stock and everything (I've done seafood and chicken). That is a hardcore affair, though. If I'm not doing that...DH is cooking Lol

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Meals- do you plan for a week at a time or just go with it?

No, but every week I say I'm going to. I think I'll make it my new years resolution next year Smile

Whats your go to soecial occassion meal

Curry or Lasagne

What is/was for dinner tonight?

DS1 was at Grandma's for the night and DH was at work so me and Tobey had fish and chips from the chip shop Smile

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I plan meals for the week and shop on Fridays typically.

Meatballs, Mac&Cheese, Lasagna or Stuffed Shells. I typically only have a large crowd for birthdays or holidays.

White pizza made with refrigerated dough.

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I don't. I tried to meal plan but we ended up actually spending more on groceries that way. So I went back to just going with it. There are certain items I keep in stock and buy regularly. Even if I try a new menu, I adapt it to the ingredients I have on hand.

I don't have a go to. It just depends on the mood I'm in during said special occasion. If it's a family gathering, DH is usually BBQing.

Last night was burgers.

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"ange84" wrote:

Or questions Smile

Meals- do you plan for a week at a time or just go with it?
Whats your go to soecial occassion meal?
What is/was for dinner tonight?

i'd like to plan for the week, but it never ends up happening. i never stick with it, or something comes up and dinner gets made late something always happens so we just usually go with it. I don't have a go to meal, i almost never entertain because i am a terrible cook Lol i am better at making desserts or appetizers. Dinner tonight is probably going to be something fast, MIL wants us to come over for after 4:00 and not for dinner so it will be later by the time we get home.

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I wish I would plan for the week, but I usually don't. I kind of have several go-to meals I rotate through so I try to make sure I pick up whatever I would need to make those meals. I make a lot of crockpot recipes which I prep at night after Isabelle goes to bed and then throw them in in the morning before I go to work.

My fancy company dinner is vegetarian bbq meatballs with vegetarian mock chicken and mushroom crepes and coconut rice n beans served with veggies or salad and garlic bread or cornbread.

Tonight we had vegeburgers(frozen kind that just have to be microwaved) and corn on the cob.

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I have go-to ingredients that I keep on hand for our favorite meals, but deciding which thing to make each evening usually ends up being decided that day. Usually what I make depends on how tired I am, or how hungry we are vs. how much time it takes to make it.

Go to special occasion meal? Hmmm, don't really have one.