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Do you have any little chores you get your kids to do?

I have been working on Ronin taking his plate and scraping it into the bin and giving it to me to wash up and he is getting good at it. Since i got him a new dinosaur laundry basket i have him put his dirty clothes in there as well.
Tasks i am working in him doing are wiping his table down after meals and putting toys away, he is not so good at these tasks but i'll keep working on it.
He also chooses to help sweep when i vacuum.

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he loves throwing the dishwasher tablet into the dishwasher. he also tries to sweep. one time i tried getting him to help me put cheese on one of our dishes for dinner and it didn't go so well Lol Also at daycare he helps feed the turtle sometimes.

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hmmm, stirring things when we're cooking dinner, picking up toys, picking out her diaper & emptying the clean dishwasher. I need to work on more things for DS, he does the same things but should do more at 3 years old!

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What a cute new sig pic, Janice!

Adair helps with a lot of things, especially picking up her toys, cleaning up if she spills something, etc. but nothing is a regular "chore" of hers. I think that's a good idea to start making a regular habit out of something...hmmm...oh, well, she does help me put the groceries away every Sunday (she hands me each item out of the bags and I put it away). But as for a daily task...I should at least start having her put her own clothes in the laundry basket. That's a great idea. I do that randomly and she knows how/where it is, but that would be a good thing to make her job.

At this age, when "helping" is fun and exciting, I guess it's a good time to start Smile

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N puts his toys away. I have him load the refrigerator. With sodas..juices and waters when we come back from grocery shopping. He helps take load laundry.. he can reach the front load..

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Throwing rubbish away (actually my kids fight over doing this lol)
bringing me their dirty dishes
putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket
bringing me their coat/shoes to put away (they can't reach)
tidying up (this is HARD, I tried making it a game but after half a second they are bored, or making more mess.)

DS1 has just started setting the table for meal times

I should give DS1 more chores really but to be fair his dad does nothing so he's not exactly got a great roll model for men around the home.. Also when I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do I get a teenagers response of "naaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, why do I have to?!?!?" in a whiny voice which I hate. I'm expect in full on "I am not your slave" when he's a teenager Lol

Right now I'm trying to get DS1 to dress himself and brush his own teeth. Neither of which he wants to do but can do. And I don't want him to have dirty teeth go go out naked (which he would happily do as undressing himself he does all the time) so I give in Lol

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Trevor has them. He helps put all of their laundry away. Sometimes he also puts the towels in the bathroom. He picks up his room (sometimes, this one is hard for me to get him to do) He wants a new game so I have been writing down times when he has been helpful and once he gets 20 he can have the game.

Chloe cleans the doors and bottom part of our glass outside door. Other than that she wont do much usually. If I tell her to toss stuff in the trash she will totally do that. For some reason that is just so fun lol

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DD1 has stuff that she does. Lainey doesn't really have chores, but likes to help pick up, throw things away, etc.

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Rowan doesn't have specific chores, but she does help me move clothes from the washer to the dryer, and gets things out of the dryer. She also likes to pick up small bits of trash and put them in the garbage. She helps cook too - when DH makes bread, she dumps ingredients in for him, and she uses a teaspoon to stir things around and remove them. She tries to sweep, but she's a little too exuberant about it and mostly sweeps things out of the dustpan.

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Making beds/picking up rooms/cleaning windows...
Josie takes things to the trash (wipes) will get me items that I need...Will pick up her blocks/toys:0)
They ALL "HELP" with laundry...It takes 3x longer, but it sure teaches them:0)

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It's so funny how all kids seem to like picking up trash. Sometimes when we go to the park, Addy just wants to walk around picking up litter and throwing it away rather than actually play on the playground. Weirdo Wink

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"cactuswren" wrote:

It's so funny how all kids seem to like picking up trash. Sometimes when we go to the park, Addy just wants to walk around picking up litter and throwing it away rather than actually play on the playground. Weirdo Wink

At the park, Rowan doesn't want to put it in the trash, she just wants me to carry it. I have to stop her from picking up really gross stuff sometimes.

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I get Simon to clean his highchair when we're done eating, throw stuff in the garbage for me, sweep....sort of, dust a bit. He actually likes cleaning for some reason. I bought him a little broom but he HAS to use the full size one most ofthe time. Lol I try to get him to put his toys away, which he will do, but then thinks its fun to take them out again, and put away, and take out, etc.

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Oh I forgot dusting. N is amazed by the swiffer duster I use and will go around the house with it.

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Picking up toys.
He puts up his plastic dishes in his bin when I unload the dishwasher.
He uses a swifter behind me when I vacuum the laminate downstairs.
If he spills food, he picks it up. If it's dirty foods he will throw away in the garbage. So toddler fit at the table? He picks it up when he gets down.
If he spills something (like from his sippy cup or my cup), he'll grab one of the utility cloths from his bin and will wipe it up.
OH! And Aiden loves the swifter duster and will "dust" for me.

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I am working on getting Isabelle to pick up her toys. I also have her pick up food that she throws down. She also likes to throw away little bits of trash that she finds. Our problem at the park isn't throwing trash away, she likes to pick up the little pieces of woodchips from the play area and throw those away. Come to think of it, I think she just likes throwing things-she throws her toys over the gate and down the stairs or into the sink or bathtub every chance she gets.

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Dusting, throwing away things, she loves putting dishes away and groceries as well.

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Nothing specific. She loves to help out. She also LOVES to throw things in the "tash".