Rqotd - 7/18

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Rqotd - 7/18

1. What's your favorite piece of baby gear right now?
2. Do YOU have a favorite toy that your LO is currently playing with right now?

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1. My favorite piece of baby gear is my new ring sling. It's a stripe wrap conversion (BBSlen Pineapple) and much more comfortable than my single layer linen now.
2. Books! They don't make noises most importantly. And once DS figured out how to turn pages last month, he'll actually sit and play with them for a full 5 minutes most of the time. That's 5 minutes that I'm not chasing him down and getting him out of his "splash pool" also known as the cat water bowl. Lol

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1. Gosh, I'm not sure. I guess its her BOB stroller. My back has been giving me so much trouble its nice to have for longer trips.

2. I personally like the musical instruments we got for her. Not because they keep her occupied (because they don't) but because I like to play with them ;).

Jackie- how about a pic of the new carrier?

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1. Definitely the exersaucer (though I'm not sure it's technically gear). It's the only way I can turn my back for a minute and know that he's not getting into trouble. Though he's not liking it as much anymore unfortunately.

2. Well Simon is playing with everything he's NOT suppose to!! LOL!! He has a Little People Farm I love though, and he does play with it often. It moo's and baa's, it's really cute. I think he's starting to understand that cow's say moo, and sheep say baaa. He always stops to listen when I start saying "a cow says...". It's a good learning toy.

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"KittyRN" wrote:

1. Definitely the exersaucer (though I'm not sure it's technically gear). It's the only way I can turn my back for a minute and know that he's not getting into trouble. Though he's not liking it as much anymore unfortunately.

ya, this!!! lol he used to love it and jump in it and it was easy for me to get stuff done. now he can't stay in it longer than 5 minutes without getting fussy. he wants to go go go so i think it will be time to retire it very soon. it is taking up space in my livingroom anyways;)

Lucas loves books too. A lot of times he puts it right up to his face like he is actually reading it. They usually keep him occupied for 5-10 minutes.

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Jackie- how about a pic of the new carrier?

Only pic I've got right now. lol.

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I LOVE your new sling, Jackie, sooo cute! And so is the baby in it. Biggrin And Lucas always gets in my cats' water bowls too! What is so interesting about them?!

1. Hmmm, I'm slacking on the baby gear. I haven't bought anything recently as far as gear goes. I guess it would have to be my baby gate! LOL

2. Lucas also LOVES the Little People farm! It's usually the 1st toy he goes for. And lately he is loving the blocks. Except his favorite thing to do is just dump the entire container out on the floor. I do love watching Lily play blocks with him though b/c she will build them and he will knock them over and she will laugh hysterically when this happens. Lol

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I just bought a Moby wrap but I'm yet to use it properly

I love his dummy Lol He's been super fussy recently so I pop it in and silence Lol

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1. His Pack n play my Mum picked up last week and his walker, it's the only way I can cook dinner or run downstairs to put washing on.

2. His London bus my Nanna bought him back from London, it can distract him when I want him to stay in a certain spot. Other than that nothing hold his attention for longer than 30 seconds.

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1. I finally bought a paci clip. Never used one the first time around. (I don't know, I just didn't want to clip something to my child. Blum 3 ) I don't use it around the house or anything, but it has come in handy to clip to the car seat or stroller when we are out and about. Why did I wait so long?

2. Her plastic books. She likes to chew on them and read. I like that they are easy to clean.

Cute baby and sling Jackie. Smile

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Two things that keep him occupied now, but I really doubt are classified as baby gear are 1. The "lid drawer" in the kitchen. I can cook dinner and watch him and he just plays and plays with the lids. 2. The box that his carseat came in. DH cut windows in it, we put a few toys in there, and it's his new club house Smile He's got a ton of toys, but thats what he likes.

He loves his plastic bath book. He has other bath toys, but that is the only thing he likes to play with. Sometimes he gets a bit upset when we take it away to get him out of the tub.

Jackie, that is a great looking sling. Love it!!

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Love the new sling Jackie!

1. My must have, and non-stop in use, baby gear right now is my Ergo carrier and my nursing cover. Can't leave home (wait I use them inside the home too) without them. I think its how I spend half my day functioning.

2. Favorite toy is a toss up between the cat (poor dear) and any small box or container with a lid that opens and closes. Cheap thrills at my house!