Rqotd - 7/23

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Rqotd - 7/23

It's 1:45 in the morning and guess what's on my mind....SLEEP!

So fess up. Who of us is actually getting sleep and who of us is not getting sleep? Is sleep better or worse than it was a month ago?

Obviously I'm not getting sleep. :rolleyes: Last night DS decided he wanted to wake up every. single. hour. It was awful. He was climbing on top of me and being a total monkey trying to get to the boob. I ended up handing DS over to DH because I was tired of getting beat up. DH didn't fly today, so for once it was okay for him to be sleep deprived. Tonight is actually going better, but storms have been rolling through waking Aiden up a lot. Sad Sleep is definitely going worse than it was a month ago. While home DS wasn't exactly a great sleeper, but there were nights where I got 6 hour stretches. Most nights he woke every 3-4 hours which at this point I dream about. ha ha!

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Ronin is still an every 2-3 hour waker so sleep is a luxury. I've actually had to decline going on an overnight trip in December because I can't expect a baby sitter to get up that often and hubby needs his sleep for work and wouldn't be able to watch him for a lot of that time anyway.

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I'm doing pretty well with sleep here. Well I mean Tobey is doing well with sleep. He goes to bed at 6 and it's a 50/50 guess if he will scream uncontrollably for 10 minuets at 9pm or 4am then up for the day at 6am

DS1 however....he's having nightmares..He's up several times a night asking for me or DH to go into bed with him. He's so tired from the nightmares but won't nap and insists he gets up at 4-5am. HE's making me tired Smile

So FTM's...I don't think you'll actually get any sleep until your kids leave home Blum 3

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Sleep is DEFINITELY better than it was a month ago. We went through a regression for about a month at 8ish months and it was awful!!! He usually only wakes once now and is down from about 8pm to 6/7am.

Last night was a bust though. We went to a friends house and it's 50/50 if he's going to sleep somewhere else, and he only slept for about 20 minutes then wanted to get up and party. So he didnt get to bed until midnight!! :O But slept in until 8am. Hopefully he'll get some good naps today.

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we are doing pretty well. getting him down is hit or miss sometimes he goes right down others he will fuss/cry for a bit but it is better then him screaming for an hour a little while ago. once he is down he is usually good. he goes to bed between 7-8 and will most of the time sleep 12 hours sometimes more. he will maybe wake up once in the night sometimes. i have been there on the waking up every hour nights though. NOT FUN!!

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Josie is also getting up a lot...We got to be at around 1ish...then she gets up about 5 times...then I get up...do the barn...and she is up at 8.

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Long stretches of sleep for me are a distant dream. If I get 5 consecutive hours, I'm doing really good. She has been going down for the 'night' about 8pm and then she'll usually wake up between 11:30p and midnight, then again around 3am and then around 6am. Sometimes she'll go back to sleep until 7 or 7:30, and sometimes she's up for the day at 6. At least she's got a routine with her waking up. . .

We just went out of town to visit my parents for a few days this week. We just got back last night, so we'll see how long her schedule will take to get back to normal.

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We have good nights and bad nights. I don't speak of sleep in terms of progress or regression because that implies I have some form of control over the situation, HAHA. We had a good stretch awhile ago where she'd go down around 8, come into bed with me around 10, nurse a few times (peacefully!), and get up around 7. I call that a good night and can function very well. She's been sick the last few days so our nights go like this ... down at 7, up every hour until I come to bed, nurse fitfully ALL NIGHT LONG, get up at 6. My nipples are killing me and I'm exhausted. I usually throw her at DH when she gets up and crawl back into bed for another hour. Nights like these make me wish we had her in her room. But it will pass ... soon, I hope.

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Lucas is a really good sleeper. He goes down w/o a fuss between 8 - 9pm and sleeps until around 8ish the next morning. Occasionally I will hear him up during the night usually just talking to himself, but w/ him in his own room he does really well at just putting himself back to sleep.

I don't always get a lot of sleep lately, but the reason for that has nothing to do w/ Lucas! My BF and I try to spend every night we can together :lovebed: LOL Blum 3

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We usually put Evan to sleep between 7 & 8 p.m. Normally, he wakes up once a night between 2:30-4:30 a.m. Quick bottle, then back to sleep til 5:30-6:30 a.m.. But for the last few weeks, it's been a little crazy. Some nights we get up about 6 times a night, others are not that bad, but more than once. I'm ready for the sleepy baby to return. Mommy's getting tired...:) But I can't complain too much, DH helps ALOT!! I'm so thankful for that.

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I hesitate to answer this question out of fear of jinxing myself. I am very blessed with amazing sleepers. Clara goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps sound until 7am. Sometimes she looses her paci and one of us has to go give it back to her (usually DH cause he's the lighter sleeper), but it doesn't require anything more than just popping it in her mouth.

DS has nightmares now and then. One night recently we spent a half hour trying to get him to fully wake up after a nightmare. He was sitting in his bed just screaming, it was horrible!

DH does most night stuff with the kids. I'm a complete bear without sleep and he says he'd rather be sleep deprived than put up with me being sleep deprived Lol