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Rqotd - 7/28

Do you still use the stroller you bought/were given during pregnancy? BTDT moms, are you still using the same stroller you used with your older kid(s)? Have you bought a new to you stroller since your LO was born? How often do you use your stroller(s)?

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ya, we use it. anytime we go to a mall or store or park we use it. plus for walks. it's green and brown which is kinda boyish, but could work for either gender so as long as it holds out we will use it for the next kid.

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I bought a Quinny Buzz 4 on clearance while pregnant. I used it up until a small piece broke on it earlier this month. Quinny already sent me a brand new Buzz 2011, so now I use that. I don't use it a whole lot right now unless we're walking somewhere outside. It's just too hot to baby wear outside. I also use it if I'm clothes shopping. I know whenever #2 comes along (and as Aiden gets bigger), it'll be used a ton. And I'm sure if I lived in a real city I'd use it a lot more. I used the old one quite a bit when I was home.
We bought a Bob Revolution on an Amazon Lightening deal a few months ago. DH uses it to jog once a week. He'll probably use it more once it cools down. We also use it when we know we have to be outside where there is no pavement (like some base events).
My hope is that we'll never need to buy another stroller because with the ones we have and babywearing, we'll be good!

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Haha! We didn't get our stroller until Teagan was 6 months old! I wanted a BOB so badly that I spent over a year looking for a used one. I wore her everywhere in the early days so it wasn't until she got too heavy that we even needed a stroller. We finally broke down and bought the BOB new. I heart my BOB. I was looking for a cheap umbrella stroller though. We're going to San Diego in a rental car (smaller than our Subaru for sure) and I don't think the BOB will fit :(.

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We have a double stroller and an umbrella stroller...
I had a single w/ DD#1...and we sold it and got the double on CL for $40!
We use the stroller at the fairs, vacations...outside...

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I got a mid-sized Graco stroller with the infant carseat carrier when I was pregnant with DD1. I used it for walks and if we are going to the zoo, the fair, the mall, etc.

When DD1 turned 2, I got a Maclaren Volo. This is my favorite stroller. It's so compact and drives smooth.

When I was pregnant with DD2 I bought a sit n stand stroller used from craigslist. I bought if for trips to the fair, zoo, etc. It's a beast and will only be used a few times.

The bigger ones will probably be sold in a year and I'll hang on to the Maclaren.

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I sold both strollers I had for DS1. I was actually really sad when I sold his travel system a couple of weeks ago Sad

But I have my baby Jogger City Select and I want to have sex with it I love it so much Lol It was pricey but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it for both kids. It's going to be like removing an arm to give that up!! Everyone always comments on how nice it is and how easy it is to push even with both of them in it Smile

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I sold my Graco travel system from DS. I really wish I hadn't now, but I thought I'd need and use a double. Got one and I rarely use it. DS is WAY too big for strollers and looks like a 5 year old in one. Right now I have a piece of crap jogging stroller for around the house and camping. I use that one the most. Clara goes in that when we go do the feeding or tend the garden. The double never gets used as DS never goes shopping with me (whole other story!). I also have a Jeep single which I do use now and then. Clara is so tiny that I just end up carrying her most places. And I hate taking my kids shopping so I never really get a chance to use them and it's been too hot to walk here since Clara has been out of the wrap.

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We have a Combi stroller that I got for ds when he was around 2. I love that thing. It is so nice but it also folds up and fits in to our mazda 5. It is in storage right now, simply because we should have been in the apartment last month, but as you all know that didn't happen. I guess I should go get it out, we seriously need it now, since Chloe is heavy and hates the shopping carts now.

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"rubber_da_glove" wrote:

But I have my baby Jogger City Select and I want to have sex with it I love it so much Lol It was pricey but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it for both kids. It's going to be like removing an arm to give that up!! Everyone always comments on how nice it is and how easy it is to push even with both of them in it Smile

For a double, I really like that stroller! Smile

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We had a travel system & unbrella stroller we got at DS1's baby shower and I hated both of them. Our BOB was purchased when DS1 was like 4 months old and its still kicking and in use with Odin. DH is itching to buy a double BOB.

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I still use the jogger we were given for free and the smaller one my Dad bought when I had Ronin and found I couldn't easily use the jogger on my own because of the c section. I use them a bit especially Saturdays when we go up town because Ronin wants to play at the library now so it's easier to park the pram and let him play while I get us books then put him back in than it is to walk around trailing mei tai straps

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I used the same Graco stroller I got when I was pregnant w/Miranda. My g/f at work just gave me her Sit'n'Stand and I've only used it twice. It was really a PITA to get stuff in/out of the basket underneath.....I gave the Graco to Melissa for when Marley is out of the infant seat...which will be forever because she is a peanut. Lol I do like the Sit'n'stand because Miranda will ride on it and she likes it. I will just have to tough it out....we don't go many places anyways.

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I have 3 stollers!! :/

The stroller I bougth while prego is my double..(which I do use when I have both kids in a mall, for a walk, shopping, etc..)

I have a single stroller that I used for Natalie when we are somewhere that my DH can walk with my ds..

and I have an umbrella stroller that I use when I need the back of my van for storage..

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[QUOTE=rubber_da_glove]I want to have sex with it I love it so much Lol :yahoo::/QUOTE]

ROFL Too funny!!!

We got a baby trend travel system while pg with Evan. I like the stroller, even though it is a bit bulky. Love the storage when we are out, especially when buying things. We just recently bought a lightweight cheapie umbrella stroller, mainly for traveling. We will have an airplane/out of state trip to AZ in December, so I thought that would be easier to deal with at the airport and on the plane.

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We use our Graco Travel System still; car seat & stroller... However, I HATE HATE HATE both!! The stroller is really a beast; even tho it's supposed to be mid-sized; I find it hard to push, a pain to fold up and put away... the list goes on and on... I want to the new Lamaze stroller... OMG! I drool just thinking about it!!! Biggrin

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We had a Bumbleride Flyer for Jacob when he was a baby. It was THE cutest stroller ever! When we got pg with Josiah, we sold that one on Craigslist for a whopping $125 to help with the cost of a double stroller. So we got a BOB Duallie, which I absolutely love! I also bought a used Maclaren umbrella stroller from a friend last year for like $40, and I used that quite a bit actually. THEN...I found a used Phil and Ted's for a crazy deal, and I had to have it...so that one stays in the car because it's so versatile and it takes up about half as much space as the BOB.
I think the BOB is overall the best stroller of all the ones I've owned, but the Phil and Ted's is just plain awesome! The Maclaren is super convenient but not useful unless I'm down at least one kid.