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Rqotd 8/1/12

My BIL's girlfriend is having a surprise 30th birthday party for him this weekend, and he has been dropping little hints that make it seem as though he either knows about it or suspects it.

So here's my question. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party? And were you ACTUALLY, genuinely surprised? Or have you ever thrown someone a surprise party, and genuinely surprised them? It is my theory that very few surprise parties actually happen without the guest of honor knowing in some way.

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Never had one nor been party to a surprise party. I'd like one though!

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we threw a surprise wedding shower for a girl at work and she was really surprised. didn't even know it was for her until we spelled it all out! It was really funny! She thought it was for someone else! ha ha

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Have tried more than once, but never pulled it off. My SIL's first baby shower was crazy elaborate, including out of town guests...who she saw walking down the street in her small town earlier in the day! :roll:

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the only one that was a real surprise for me is when some girls at work threw a little baby shower party for me in the office. i was totally surprised as i am not super social there and they went out and got me cake, gifts, and a $100 gift card!!! i was super touched

my mom threw a baby shower but one of my cousins posted on fb that she was going to a baby shower in my city Lol considering we are the only family members living in this city that was having a baby i figured it out.

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Oh, actually come to think of it, I have been part of a surprise. My family threw a party for my grandmother's 80th. I'm 100% sure she knew about the party but she had NO idea that I was coming with the then 5 week old Teagan!

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The only surprise I've had is a surprise mini wedding shower from my coworkers. I figured it out when I got in to work and saw food sitting out.

I did surprise my husband last fall by arranging for our best friends to fly in for the weekend when he found out his plane. He had no idea. Not a party, but I was still proud of myself for setting up a whole weekend of stuff without him knowing!

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I had a surprise party for my 21st. I'd already guessed though so wasn't really a surprise. I have thrown a small one for my MIL last year (which I organised so it went perfectly lol and she had no idea) and we are doing one for my FIL this year. Seems to be going well so far Smile Although it's not for another 2 months lol

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We surprised my Grandfather last year for his birthday. They had a big party for him which he knew about but he had asked Mum if i was coming with Ronin and she said i wasn't able to, he was quite surprised when we turned up.

I have thought of doing a surprise party for hubby for his 30 th next year. It all hinges on where he is working and so far my plan is just a bit of family and a few friends and me having his workplace on board where i arrange for him to be on the roster, but they know whats happening, he goes in and does prep etc like normal, then gets told he has to go out on the floor for something and we are all there and he stays for dinner with us. Not sure if it would work out thouse. I'd book the table for Smith or something like that

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I've not only never had anyone throw me a surprise party, I've never had anyone throw me a party. Ever. I agree though that the majority of the time people know ahead of time. So hard to keep that a secret when so many people are in the know. I would like to throw DH a surprise 40th next year. He'll be 39 in a month. Crazy how old he is.

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Yes, I have thrown 2.
One for DH's 30th and one for my mom's 60th. They both had no clue...:0)
DH's was before his birthday and I had it at my parent's house...he had no clue because he was pissed that we had to go...lol.
My mom's was awesome too...we had 30 people...and she was so excited. Everyone parked in a parking lot by their house...my dad took her out for her birthday for dinner...that is what she thought she was doing:0)
I have never had one thrown for me...nor do I want one...lol. I don't like surprises...haha!

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I've never had someone throw me a surprise party, but I am the type of person that I don't know that I would like it if they did.

And my BIL did find out about his surprise party. lol. It's tomorrow evening.