RQOTD April 2nd

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RQOTD April 2nd

When did you last win a prize?

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Mine was late 2010 I believe, I was a Taylormade mesh ring sling for swimming from a eco baby store.

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last year. i won a vacuum from the heart and stroke lottery

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I won some high point awards with my horses last year:0)

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Last year I won a Melissa and Doug contest on FB. Aiden got this fill and spill picnic basket.

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I won $5 off a scratcher lottto ticket sometime over the last year, don't remember exactly when. DH randomly buys those things for me for some reason.

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hmmmmm.....I can't even think of what the last thing would be so I'd say it's been a while.

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Recently. In Febuary I won 100 bucks and a pair of Brooks running shoes!