RQOTD - April 4

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RQOTD - April 4

What size shoe do you wear? What size shoe does your LO wear?

I'm a size 6 3/4. I swear 6.5 is too small but 7's are too darn big. Teagan is just about to get into size 6. I need to get her some new romping shoes. She's going to outgrow her Robeez so I need to find her another soft soled shoe that I like.

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I wear a size 8/8.5 depending on how it's made.
Aiden is in size 5s now.

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I have huge feet a size 9 or 10. Ronin is in size 3 shoes

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i wear 8 or 8.5's. Lucas is in size 3.5. he can still wear the same shoes he was wearing last year

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I am 8 1/2 wide and I get a lot of 9's since wide width can be hard to find. Isabelle is size 5 right now. I think she has wide or thick feet, as a lot shoes are too long for her but her feet still don't go in them well.

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im a size 9. For some reason ii have always disliked having big feet. N is entering size 7.

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I'm a 9.5 Wide. Impossible to find most of the time. Lyla has my feet, unfortunately, and is in 6 right now, but can wear a 7 already.

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I'm a size 7. Tobey is wearing a 4 but I'm about 99% sure he's a 5 (Just need to get him measured lol) DS1 is a 9.5!! He was a size 6 when he was 18 months old!

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I'm a 7.5. Evan is wearing 5 1/2 or 6, depending on the shoe.

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I'm a size 8 or 9 depending on the style. Simon is in an 8. He's got huge everything! Lol

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I used to be a size 6 but have held at a size 7 after having DS1. I thought shoe size changing from having kids was an old wives tale but I guess not. Odin is a size 6 in his See Kai Run shoes. They are a little big but the 5's we have make him trip so they are getting too small.

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I wear a 9.5 and Josie wears a 6.5

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I wear 8.5 and Lainey is wearing 4's right now (and has for a while). DD1 is almost 5 and wears a 10T.