RQOTD - Tuesday 8/9

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RQOTD - Tuesday 8/9

I doubled checked the date this time. :mrgreen:

What's in your child's crib? (or whatever it is that they sleep in) Any lovelys, toys, blankets, pillows, or other such objects?

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She always has her blanket and then she has two small teddy bears that I keep in the corner of her crib as well as a teether and 2 books. Sometimes when I go in there in the morning she will have all that strewn all over her crib, and her mobile thingy going.

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He sleeps (crib & our bed) with a muslin blanket that I wore for like a month to smell like me. His crib still has bumpers on 3 sides. Oh yes, and the music portion of his mobile that he likes to fool around with when he wakes up. Buttons that glow!! Fun!

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In Aiden's crib there's a little square pillow that came with his bedding set. Sometimes he'll grab it to sleep on. I didn't know what else to do with it when I ran across it in his closet a couple of weeks ago rearranging stuff. We also keep this lovely in there. I know he's awake from a nap because I can hear the rattle in the head. lol.

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We have two blankets, one music ball, light man thing, octupus, glow worm, and a few rings. Also two binkies..

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his soother thats about it

when it starts getting cold again i might start putting a blanket in. before he used to pull them over his face

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Ronin has a blanket and sheet and in the portacot a seahorse that plays ,music and his monkey and in his normal coy a car pillow and teddy bear he got when he was born that is still too big for him to sleep with.

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Wow, Teagan's crib is pretty stark. She's got a stuffed rabbit and that's it. No blankets as its too hot for that.

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Sophie's got a thing for blankets so we always have one in her crib and lately she's been liking her glow worm doll and will cuddle w it in bed Smile Toooo cute!

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Owen has a singing seahorse that lights up and a muslin blanket. That's it! He sleeps in between DH and I about half the night though.

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Simon had bumper pads, a stuffed giraffe and bunny. And usually a paci or 2.

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Clara has two blankets. One she lays on and one that she likes to snuggle up with. She also has this, the pink and white striped one. She has a music player attached to the crib that lights up, but she doesn't like it so I'm really not sure why I keep it in there. There should be a few paci's in there, but she likes to toss those out in the middle of the night and have you come in to retrieve them in the dark :rolleyes:

We won't put toys in there, it's just something we decided not to ever do when DS was little.

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3 teddies. That's all Smile He sleeps in a sleeping bag so no blankets. I'll give him a pillow and baby duvet when he's about 18m like I did with DS1

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A small blanket, binkie, bottle...

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A blanket and a little teddy bear. Sometimes a pacifier.

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A paci or two.

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A very light cotton blanket, a tag blanket, the seahorse that plays, Mr. Moo and a Ty beanie baby.