RQOTD - Tuesday 9/6

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RQOTD - Tuesday 9/6

Slightly cooler weather has me excited for fall (only 94º today)!

Do you plan on carving a pumpkin this year? If so, any idea what you want to carve into your pumpkin? Do you roast the pumpkin seeds? Do you or your kids play in the pumpkin guts? Do you have any fall pumpkin traditions?

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Last year is the only year I haven't carved a pumpkin in a very long time, so I'm looking forward to carving one this year! No idea what design I want to do yet, other than it won't be a plain jack-o-lantern face. I always roast the pumpkin seeds. Our favorite is cinnamon and sugar. I can't wait to see what Aiden thinks of the pumpkin guts. DH says it's gross, but he can get over it. We don't have any fall pumpkin traditions other than I cook with pumpkin A LOT. Lol

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Today it really is feeling like fall.. In the 60's all day! I love the fall! I love the smell, the crunch of the leaves, the pumpkin picking, carving and baking. We pick pumpkins and carve them everyyear.. This year my dd will carve one and we will paint the rest. The squirrells love carved pumpkins so I dont really like to have all of them carved or they will turn to mush faster. I usually do bake the pumpkins seeds of the one we carve. My children do not like the feel of the guts so I ususally have to do that part.. No real big traditions other than going to the same pumpkin patch each year and driniking some applecider or coffee on the way back!

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OMG I AM EXCITED!!! I really think fall is starting to tie with summer as my favourite season. It is cold here today too, like 13 degrees right now:eek:

I carved pumpkins last year with one of my friends and DH watched. He isn't really into Halloween stuff but I think that's because he grew up with a family that wasn't into it. It is huge in my family and I think I am very slowly rubbing off on him as he seems to get a little more interested every year.;) No idea what we will carve, we have a little book with stencils so maybe something from that or maybe i will get super creative this year.

This year I am hoping to go to the pumpkin patch and bring Lucas for the first time. I don't roast the seeds or anything, I hate taking the guts out they are slimy and gross lol yuck. I usually use a spoon haha. I also want to get some pumpkins and photograph him with them.

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It rained here yesterday!

We go to a big pumpkin patch every year and the rule is "if you can pick it up and carry it, you can bring it home." It's been cool to see Jacob choose bigger and bigger pumpkins every year. Smile

I will roast the seeds! Yummy! I will also make pumpkin brownies, cookies, muffins and pie! Smile

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I will carve a pumpkin. There aren't any pumpkin patch kind of things in the UK. We just get them from the supermarket or green grocer Lol I will do a face because it's what I always do. And there is a sort of rule that if you have a pumpkin in the window then you accept trick-or-treaters. I do nothing with the seeds but I give the innards to my Aunty who always makes soup with it.

It's really cold and windy and wet here today. It really does feel like autumn came over night

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It is cooler here today too, finally!! It's been in the 60s all day, we may get into the 70s this afternoon. We always go to a pumpkin patch, the same one. We will do the hayride out into the fields and pick our pumpkins. I can't wait to get some pictures of Evan in the pumpkin patch! We will carve something into the pumpkins, don't know what yet. Although we have gotten the kits of pumpkin decorations (like mr. potato head, etc) and decorated them in the past. They look pretty cute. I can't wait to start baking and decorating for fall. My favorite time of year!!!

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Sarah, there's no pumpkin patch anywhere near here either. We'll be picking out a pumpkin from the Walmarts. lol. Depending on orders, I hope to pick up some smaller pumpkins to take pictures of with Aiden and then I'll cook them to make my own pumpkin puree. But if we're moving, that won't happen.

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Last year we didnt get to carve the pumpkin. Poor little Simon was miserable with reflux and this was before we knew what was going on. He was still living on my breast so there was no answering the door or anything.

I'm soooooo excited for this year! With reflux long gone! (well not that long, but it's gone yay!). I'll probably carve a scary face (think Sleepy Hallow). I'll let Simon play with the guts too! I love squishing in the guts!! LOL!!!! I roasted the seeds before but I dont really like them, but at the same time they are addicting...it's a weird combination.

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Yes, we are carving a bunch. I love putting horses on mine. Hailey does too...We are going to do spiderman for Jonah:0)

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Only 96 here today! Feels darn near chilly compared to the temps lately. We'll definitely carve a pumpkin. I don't roast the seeds. Don't like them. We don't really have any traditions yet. We went out to a pumpkin patch (over an hour drive with a screaming newborn) last year. Might try that again. It was lots of fun once Teagan stopped crying.

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Every year, since we moved here, we go and scratch pumpkins in August and then go back and pick them in October. There is a farm we frequent that does this yearly. So fun.

DH is the one that does all the cool carving. We usually go pick ours from a nearby organic farm. After all is said and done we eat pretty much all parts of the pumpkin except the skin and stem. I freeze loads of it and make some pretty awesome muffins, cake, soup, and sauce. I love pumpkin!

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Erin, your reply got me searching a bit more. I found a hay maize (cause no one grows corn around here) an hour and 45 minutes away! They sell pumpkins and have other things along with the maze too. Might be a cute day trip for us. Smile

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We will carve a few pumpkins here, one for Brooke and one for Sophie annnnnd maybe one for like Kevin n I Blum 3 I'm not really sure what the frig we are going to do tho this year. If we are all going out to get candy or if one Sophie n one of us will stay home to give out candy while Brooke n the other go out and get candy. We've got to figure all this out... Ugh, there is so much on my plate right now...

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We usually always get 3-4 pumpkins only for me to gut them for the seeds. I love roasted pumpkin seeds. I like them A LOT... Then we usually get a couple more closer to Halloween to carve fun faces in.
There is a family that carves over 200 pumpkins each year at their farm. And it's amazing, not just your usual faces. We never have trick or treaters here, but we did get Madison a Kitty costume to wear, so we'll probably hit up some of the public places around here.

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I've never bought a pumpkin or carved one. I guess we won't start this year. I might take Lyla to a pumpkin fest though, just to take pictures of her with them. We have no Fall traditions except for Thanksgiving Day, and I don't know if that counts since it's a major holiday.

It is cooler today though, I don't think we even made it to 100* today.

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I love fall! we do carve pumpkins. We will get a few and do a scary one..a silly one.. and then a regular one. We will be doing our first pumpkin patch trip this year!

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We don't do pumpkins, we don't really do Halloween. They do sell them in the supermarket, but there is no way I am spending $20-$30 on a pimpkin (they are a different type sold as carving pumpkins than I usually buy and no idea if my normal little pumpkins would do the trick).

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We started taking DD1 to a pumpkin patch a few years ago, so we'll do it again this year. My DH and I like carving pumpkins. I love decorating the hosue with fall decor.

I'm not much of a cook or baker, so no fall traditions there. I might have to change that though as the kids grow older and make it an activity we can do together.

I love Halloween. We add more and more to our decorations and activities each year. Once DD1 starts making school friends next year, I plan to throw a Halloween party for the kids. I can't wait.