RQOTD - Wednesday 11/9

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RQOTD - Wednesday 11/9

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Will you go out on Black Friday? If so, what are you looking to find on BF?

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Yes, my son is Spiderman, so he is easy to shop for...I pick up odds and ends when I am grocery shopping.
I will NOT go on Black Friday. I HATE CROWDS!!!!!!!!!
I will buy the rest of my goodies online:0) They have free shipping most places over $49. I just have to get stuff for Hailey.

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I thought I was almost done with Christmas shopping, but now I'm not. I've decided to find a few more things for Aiden while there are good deals going on. Most of it he won't keep to play with for awhile though. Hope to hide most of it away and slowly give it to him throughout the year. Blum 3
I do plan to go out on Black Friday this year since I'll be back home in the land of good shopping. Haven't decided what places I want to hit up other than JC Penny for winter clothes for me. I won't go out till after Aiden has had his regular breakfast though. He'll come with my sister, mom, and myself since my dad could use the peace and quiet to program (he's a computer programmer and has a project due in Dec).

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No, I have not started. Probably won't until the semester is over. I WILL NOT be going out on Black Friday. I'll be at home, enjoying my new touring bicycle, because ... ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm turning 29 again Wink

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

No, I have not started. Probably won't until the semester is over. I WILL NOT be going out on Black Friday. I'll be at home, enjoying my new touring bicycle, because ... ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm turning 29 again Wink


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Most likely I will go out BF. I have started shopping, but it was at Walmart and on layaway. I bought my dd1 a bike and ds an easel. Other than that not much..

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I have started shopping. I will probably go out black Friday. We will be visiting DH's parents, so we will probably drive the short distance to STL and see what they've got.

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Not started. I tend to do as much as I can online. I made a list today of things I need/want to get for people so that's a start Smile

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I also went and put things on layaway at walmart. I always do black friday shopping but its usually foryself or my home. Little man is almost done but i havent started on anyone else.

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Haven't started, haven't even thought about it. I won't go out on Black Friday either - I do most of my gift shopping online anyway.

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Pretty much done, just need hubby and two friends, and I am getting them a calendar again I think. I will hit up the after Christmas sales but they have been disappointing the last few years and I will try and get to the shops Christmas eve either in my lunch break or after work to see if there is any cheap Christmas stuff.

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I've started a little bit. I have the girls about half done, but they're not getting a ton from us. They'll each get one "big" gift and some smaller ones, plus a few stocking stuffers.

I may go out on BF since a lot of the stores are doing sales starting at midnight this year & I can deal with that better than 4am. I do some of my BF shopping online, since Kohls (my favorite store!) does most of the same deals online that they have in stores. There really isn't much I need, but for some reason I get caught up in the rush of BF shopping. I usually just pick one or two things I want and go for those, I don't shop all day or anything. Honestly, what I want this year is some flannel sheets from Kohls - they had them for a good deal last year and I got some for DD1. This year I'm getting some for us!

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I haven't purchased anything, but I'm starting to think of ideas and I am keeping my eyes open. I probably won't go out on Black Friday. If my interest is peaked by a good deal, it's usually a hot item everyone wants, and I'm not willing to wait in line or battle anyone for it.

With my limited time and inability to get much shopping done with kids in tow (particularly the 4 year old) I do a lot of online shopping.

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No, haven't started shopping either.
I don't really go out black friday, we live really far from most stores. Last few years I did hope online and get Ryland some really great tops and jackets for super cheap.

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I will definately be going shopping again this year. Not sure if my usual shopping partner can come tho, so I'm kinda bummed about that. We will see.

I haven't started shopping yet. I just redeemed over 30,000 points on DH's business credit card the other day so I'm looking forward to $300 in gift cards coming my way. Smile

I don't plan going crazy this year tho. Just a few gifts for the littles and probably clothes/gift cards for the older kids. DH & I are trying to save up for a trip to Hawaii next year so no gift exchange for us.

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I've started.

I kinda wish we had black Friday her. Our boxing day sales are nowhere near as good. Although you guys always seem to make it on the news because someone gets trampled trying to get into a store. Yikes!:p

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No way!! I have a strict no-thinking-about-Christmas-until-AFTER-Thanksgiving policy. And that's just thinking about it. I won't start shopping until Dec. I hate Black Friday and will never ever go anywhere near a store on that day. I might possibly think about online shopping that day, but we'll see. I doubt it. Can you tell that I worked in retail sales a few too many years and HATE the Christmas shopping season?!

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I haven't, but I hope to do a lot of handmade stuff this year. I will use Amazon for most of my shopping, and they also have some good Black Friday deals.