RQOTN: 7-2

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RQOTN: 7-2

I have a hypothesis and I'd like you all to provide some data for me Smile

Did you have morning sickness? Rank it on a scale from 1-10. 1 = Never even felt nauseous 10 = Hyperemesis gravidarum (so sick you were medicated or hospitalized or probably should have been)

Do you have a picky eater? Rank it on a scale from 1-10. 1 = My kid will eat anything and eats tons 10 = OMFG, my kid won't touch food.

Personally, I'm a 9 on the m/s scale and about an 9 on the picky eater scale.

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Lyla = 8 on the m/s scale, 9 on the picky eater scale

Kole = 2 on the m/s scale
We'll see how Kole eats down the road, but he sure is a fatty mcfat fat right now and loves the booby.

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With Alexander it was about a 7 m/s and about he's about an 8 on the eating scale (his first reaction to anything that isn't mac and cheese is "I don't like it" even if he's not touched it. He's such a struggle)

With Tobey it was about a 8 m/s and he's a 2 on the eating scale (apart from maybe 3/4 things he's tried he eats anything)

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Ethan was a 6 on the M/s scale, and maybe a 5 on the food scale?

Olivia was a 8 on m/s scale and probably an 8 on the food scale?

does seem correlated huh?!

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morning sickness =2 barely felt anything, maybe slightly nauseous a couple of days

picky eater=5 some days he eats a lot, others barely anything

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MS: Each was 9

My kids Picky #'s: 2, 2, and 3.

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M/S- 10
Food- 3

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DD1: M/S: 2, Picky: 2
DD2: M/S: 6, Picky: 7

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m/s: 5
Picky: 6

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Lily - m/s 5, picky 8.

Lucas - m/s 9, picky 4.

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M/s: Probably 5. I was nauseous all the time, but didn't vomit.
Picky Eater: I don't know. Some days she's a 2, some an 8. Some days she'll eat anything and everything in large quantities, some days she eats nothing but popcorn and ice. So maybe a 5?

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DS - 3/4 for nausea. 2 for picky eating. Lol
This baby? 7/8 for nausea. Hoping she isn't a picky eater. Blum 3

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M/S: 6, 8, & 1
Eating: 2, 3, TBA --they go through stages but generally are food venturous & good portions.

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Morning sickness 2/3. Picky eater 2/3 as well, she usually eats well, it just takes a long time to finish a meal.

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All 3 pregnancies started out about a 6-7 on the nausea scale, but quickly resided.
All 3 of my kiddos are choosy about what they eat, I'd say about a 4-5 for each.