RQOTN - Saturday 7/7/12

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RQOTN - Saturday 7/7/12

Did you DTD on your wedding night?

I know this may seem like a dumb question to some of you, but I've been thinking about my wedding day today. We did not because after the night before and all the work getting ready the day of, and then the late night, we were just way too tired and just passed out.

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I know I've heard from others that they didn't! We did. Once. Then we passed out sound asleep!

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ha ha i have heard this too. we had strawberries and champagne in our hotel room. the champagne took our exhaustion level up a notch. we did it once but it was over and done quickly. we were too darn tired lol.

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Nope. Too exhausted. And then the next day I came down with a horrible horrible cold that lasted through most of our honeymoon. And when I started to get better, DH caught it. So I don't think we DTD the first week of our marriage. But since we had already lived together a couple of years by that point, it wasn't a concern to either of us.

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Nope i was exhausted from doing all the last minute things the night before and being up super early and hubby was doped to the eyeballs because he was 6-8 weeks out from having back surgery

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nope. From everyone I've talked to about it no one did Lol WAY too tired!!

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I always read about the people who have waited until their wedding night and think wow you are so going to be disappointed because you will be too exhausted

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we tried, i started falling asleep!!! lol we waited until the next morning

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We had our wedding with a small reception. Then we had a big party at our house that night. We had some last minute things to do to get ready, so I put off the party for a few hours (wedding over around 4, party around 7). That gave us some time to get together. I'm glad we did, because by the time everyone left the house, we were so exhausted!!

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We did but ditto on the exhaustion. I can see why people wait for sure.

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yes, but quickly and then passed out! Our Honeymoon was fun though! Wink

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"jolly11sd" wrote:

We did but ditto on the exhaustion. I can see why people wait for sure.

Yep, this. If it was up to me alone we'd have skipped it. I was BEAT!

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Hmmm, I honestly can't remember for my 1st marriage. We got married at the courthouse and I was already 4 mo pg, so who knows?

For this next one, I am definitely planning on it! Wink

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We DTD our wedding night. We drove an hour and a half to our hotel that someone got us for the night and I'm suprised we both survived because we were tired. We went to bed right afterwards though.

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We did but only once though. We were pretty tired too.

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We did, but we were so tired it wasn't worth it.

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We did. We were both exhausted, but we had waited so desire kind of woke us up once we got in the room. I can totally see why people would wait though, especially if it wasn't the first time DTD.

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Yep. But soooo exhausted. We all came down with Montezuma's revenge in the days leading up to the wedding so we were just getting over that in addition to being just plain exhausted from all the wedding business.