Sad News.. ot

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Sad News.. ot

A fellow classmate of mine was killed in Afgan. I used to walk home with him almost everyday in 9th grade with other friends. He also had the hots for a good friend so we would always hang out at her house.. It really makes me think about how many lives this war has taken and how many more potential ones it will. My dh is only 2 years older than him and has been deployed and will be in the future. I can only personalize this situation and pray that this will never be my dh or anyone I know. I always think or say it could never happen to me, but you really never know.

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That's awful. Hugs.

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I'm sorry.

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I'm so sorry hon. It's so hard to think about isn't it?! My brother has been twice and the last time his BFF was killed by an IED. He was EOD just like my brother. It could've easily been him. I was sooooo scared the rest of his tour, like it made it really real for us.

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Mostly I think of his family. He had a wife and son named after him. Just is so bizarre to know that he once was a child who we played with and now an adult who was killed.

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That makes it that much more tragic too!

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Sad So sorry.
My brother and my brother in-law are both enlisted in the marines, neither are there but you just don't know how these things will go. It's so sad! Hugs to you.

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You really never know what could happen. My sister has been deployed twice, and even though she was fairly removed from the more dangerous areas, that still didn't stop me from worrying about her the whole time.

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I'm sorry Lauren.....this is definately hits TOO close to home :openarms:

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so sad, many hugs coming your way. I also lost a highschool classmate in 2002. I just wish this whole was was over.

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I'm so sorry, that is very sad.

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I'm so sorry about your friend. My DH is in the Air Force. Thankfully when we met, he took a nondeployable job, but that will end in Feb, and I'm already worried about him going back. I wish it was over too. :bighug:

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Thanks ladies! I just think enough is enough already, even coming from me who supports the military and what they do. My dh has a job where he wouldnt be in combat but he still in danger because of attacks on bases. All we can do is pray for them and pray that the choices that are being made are the right ones.

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I'm sorry for your loss.

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So sorry to hear the news Sad

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:bighug: I am so sorry to hear this.

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Hugs. I cringe everytinme I hear of injuries or deaths reported for soldiers around my age, I always think did I go to school with them. There was helicopter (civilian) accident near here recently with the pilot having the same name as a classmate and I keep wondering is it the same person.

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I'm so sorry, Lauren. :bighug: