Scary Giraffe

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Scary Giraffe

I bought this giraffe toy at a yard sale yesterday. It looks like a Sophie the giraffe. Anyway I get this thing home and spend a good deal of time cleaning it up and sterilzing it and then when I give it to her she just cried and cried. She was already cranky so I didn't think much of it, but later we tried to give it to her again and she immediately started crying, we kept trying and she would grab it and throw it away from her.

She freaks out and cries everytime this thing is near her. It's really strange!

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Kids are so weird!

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eek! we don't have anything like that, but he has recently started crying whenever there is a loud noise. a dish fell over in the sink yesterday and he had a meltdown

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Simon doesnt like the sound of the door stops. He reaches for me in panic if I just reach for it! It's cute! LOL!

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LOL! Awwe, poor thing...

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I can't help but laugh at her terror. Perhaps if you give Sophie a funny hat or a mustache as a disguise. Teagan isn't terrified by random things but she finds some things funny which I have a hard time finding the hilarity in. For instance, the Chinese lantern in our kitchen.

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LOL, that is pretty funny & cute. Poor girl being scared though.

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lol. Poor baby Smile

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I'm mean and I'd get a video of her panicking over this giraffe. Just so you'll always remember the strangeness and can tease her about it one day. Lol

Erin, Aiden randomly laughs. Just seeing my father cracks him up. Of course this is the same kid who congratulates himself all the time by clapping his hands and yelling "yaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" I think we clapped and said, "YAY Aiden!" one too many times. :rolleyes:

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I'm with Jackie, I would def. get a video of that. Hopefully she gets over being scared of it.