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Self weaning

Hi ladies

Anyone have/had a baby that self weaned or in the process of? I think we've really started it now. Simon barely wanted his first thing in the morning feed that he normally loves. He's not unwell since he still devoured breakfast, so I think he's really started the weaning process now. I know it's been going on for awhile since he's been slowly cutting feeds, but I could always count on the morning one. Makes me sad. Sad But at the same time I know it has to come as my nipples are sooooo sore lately! He doesnt bite, but I guess his suck is disorganized and he plays around on there alot. Either way i'm sure my nipples will be thankful!

How did your weaning happen? How is it happening now? I'm sure he'll still go back to the breast on and off for awhile, but I have a feeling in a month, 2 max, we'll be done. I know it has to happen, but makes me sad at the same time. Sad

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I really thought we were very slowly headed towards self weaning for awhile. For about month Aiden only nursed in the mornings for 10 minutes and right before bed for 5 minutes. Maybe 2-3 times a week he'd get boob mid day for whatever reason. There have been days where he's only nursed once! He didn't seem to mind one bit that we "skipped' a feeding! And then one day he wanted to nurse 4 times. Not a big deal. But this past week? He's nursed all. the. time. He nursed for over two hours yesterday morning! Granted we've been sick this week, but he's even saying the "b" sound to mean boob now. I really think his increase in nursing is more than just being unwell. So if you asked this two weeks ago I would have said yes we've started down the road of self weaning. But now I'm not convinced!

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Weaning? What is this weaning you speak of? I'm pretty sure Teagan would prefer to nurse forever. I have to admit that its starting to really bother me. I'd be so cool with 2-3 times per day but this every hour crap has got to stop. Oh, look who's asking to nurse again ....

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I'm pretty sure Ron in will never self wean, he had a melt down out shopping yesterday because he wanted boob and was ripping at my top, shoving his head down my top and screaming what I think was boob. He still nurses at least five times a day, most of those overnight, but he also does before bed, in the morning, midday when we are home together and at least twice overnight

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yup we also were in what i thought was the weaning phase so although i was sad i was ready. now he is doing it all the time again. i do refuse in public though. i understand the being sad about it though. i personally am starting to look forward to it.

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Weaning? Oh man, I'm going to be shooting out milk forever at this point. No, really Odin kinda started self weaning over the last few months as my milk supply starting decreasing. Now only nurses once before naptime (past 3 weeks maybe) and doesn't ask at other times. He would still go for our morning session I think but I'm just too sore and big to offer more than once a day right now. Plus all I've got left is colostrum so its not much for him to work with. I'm curious if he'll wean totally or start nursing more once my milk comes back in soon.

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DD1 self weaned, it was a nice, gradual slow dropping of feedings (on her end) until I realized I was the one encouraging her to nurse and she was no longer asking. So I stopped offering to see what would happen and that was pretty much it. I did feel a bit emotional about it, but it happened so gradual and felt so natural it was fine. She was just a couple days past her 18 month birthday.

DD2, on the other hand, I don't think is self weaning any time soon. If I'm sitting down she is of the opinion that she should be nursing. She will bring me a pillow to lay on and stand there and beg: "Milk? Milk please, Mama? Milk, mama? Milk, please? Milk please, Mama." She also asks to nurse at other times, too. I'd really like to get it down to about 2-3 times a day. If she is still nursing at night in a couple months we are going to do some active night weaning.

It is normal to feel emotional about the end of nursing. My suggestion is to have DH snap a couple pics of the two of you nursing. It helped me feel better when DD1 was weaning.