seriously going to cry (OT)

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seriously going to cry (OT)

before this house we lived in an apartment that had ants. not just any ants, PHAROAH ANTS so anyone that has dealt with these before know how hellish they are. They are super tiny, and they have a million nests. Well they like hot weather and we moved on a freezing cold day. The truck was outside, open all day and we had kept a bunch of boxes in my parents garage to kill any that i may have missed. It has been 1.5 years since we moved here and today I FOUND SOME. i almost started bawling. They were on DH's slippers in a corner of our bedroom and so far that is the only spot i have found them but i saw some in the vent so they are probably all over the freaking house!!! As soon as i get ahold of DH (he must be on his lunch) i am going to contact an exterminator. Trying to get rid of them ourselves in the apartment was just exhausting and miserable and I really feel so hopeless right now:(

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Awwww that's soooo crappy!! I remember a friend who lived in a house full of earwigs! EWWWW!!

I hope you get rid of them easily and soon!

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:bigarmhug:I'm so sorry. That sounds just awful to have to deal with. Good luck with the exterminator, I hope it works and you don't have to deal with this very long.

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((HUGS)) So sorry! Hope you can get an exterminator out there!!
I am allergic to some ants...I hate em'!

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Kitty, I hate earwigs!!! Lucas threw a strawberry on the floor yesterday and when i went to pick it up there was an earwig under it. i almost screamed lol. omg i hate bugs...

I found some in the kitchen now too. now i will have to go through all the cupboards to make sure there arn't any in the boxes. in the apartment we ended up keeping all our food in boxes off of the floor:( someone is coming on Monday it's going to cost $325 and he said we have to be out of the house for 4 hours. including my cats! my dad said we can keep them in his basement, because he has a cat and dog as well. at least i can go swimming while there. I started crying when i told my dad i don't even want Lucas crawling on the floor now. I didn't see any in his bedroom, but i looked quickly and to see them you need to be on your hands and knees looking carefully. I remember we did extensive reading on how to get rid of them in the apartment and it said things need to be super clean to help eliminate their food sources which is almost anything (dust, hair, grease etc) looks like cleaning is in my future though i doubt i will be able to get things

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That SUCKS!! We had ants coming into our bathroom awhile back. They had found the children's tylenol and were going to town on the tiny bit that was on the cap. Once we moved it they disappeared. I'd be so freaked out to have an exterminator come over. If I were you, I'd spend the night in a hotel and bring all my food with me. Then I'd wash all of the floors and all the baby toys really well when I got home.

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baby toys are definitely getting washed. i think they are just spraying the baseboards. i will check when i see him monday as he said it is a combination of dust/spray/bait depending on what area they are in. He said it would be fine when we came back, but i don't feel comfortable. i hate the idea of all the crap they will be putting down, but these things are a b!tch and they need hardcore ways to get rid of them. i wish all we had to do was move something and they would go away. i wouldn't even bother calling! do a quick google and you will see how terrible they are to get rid of;)

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I believe you. Ants are little bastards. I was surprised when ours just up and left. Now we've got fire ants on the back porch. Little suckers HURT! But at least they're not in the house. Whatever precautions the exterminator tells you to take, double it.

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We've had a problem with ants but luckily just the harmless kind. I just got back late last night and I've found a lot of spider webs in the house b/c DH never takes the hose attachment and gets the tiny places. *sigh* I hope you get rid of all the bugs soon!

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We get ants and centipedes in the summer.. Its horrible! The centipedes are soo gross! They have a ton of legs and are the most creepiest looking things ever.. The ants never seem to go away..

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When we had sugar ants I sprayed them with bleach mixed with dish soap. I hope you get rid of them soon

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thanks. when i started researching them two years ago it said any kind of spraying would lead to distress and they would bud and form another nest and spread. we found antex bait to be helpful, but it only controlled it in our apartment not made it go away because we were in a building where the whole thing needed to be treated. i've spent all afternoon cleaning the kitchen dh thinks because i don't clean enough we have them:rolleyes: ya, it's just a coincidence we get the exact same kind that only live in apartments and hosptials. men!