The Sex Fairy vs. The Tooth Fairy

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The Sex Fairy vs. The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy may bring you folding money or coins for your teeth, but the sex fairy can bring you one of these..................................................................................

[IMG]" alt="" />[/IMG]

I was 4 wks Friday. EDD is July 12.

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WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Yahoo congrats!!!

lets hope she is on her way to my house next Wink

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Sex fairy!!! ROFL

CONGRATS!! No mistaken that as anything but a BFP!

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Congratulations, want to send her this way next

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(July 12 is my birthday! It's a good one ;))

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Lol Congrats!

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Yay!! Congrats!! That sex fairy is pretty awesome lol.

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No way!! Yayyy!! Congrats!

You give me hope that it'll happen fast when we get down to trying.

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Congrats! That's awesome.

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Congrats Stacy!!! Love the sexy fairy ROFL

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Thanks ladies. We are pretty excited!!

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You can send her this way too Smile

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Wooo Hooo, congrats!!!!
Your killing me with the sex fairy ROFL

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I was so confused by this title and then I saw the picture and Yahoo Yippee!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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Lol, great title! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats!!! I was looking at this trying to figure out what the sex fairy was! LOL Biggrin