Should I be concerned?

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Should I be concerned?

Ronin cut his first tooth on Friday. I've noticed it looks really crooked though, it's not coming in straight but on an angle. Should I be concerned?

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My kid's teeth came in like that...(If I think I know what you are

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Naw, I wouldn't be worried. I read that they can come in at all odd angles but will eventually straighten themselves out w time....

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Don't be concerned the other teeth beside it come in, they will straighten themselves out.

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Like the others said, that is normal and they should straighten out. Plus, even if they are a little crooked, they are only baby teeth anyways.

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They even out as more come in so I wouldn't be too concern right now.

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Thanks for that. I have a lot of teeth issues which I hope Ronin doesn't get including and adult tooth that came in nearly sideways and six adult teeth that just don't exist so I do worry a bit about Ronin's teeth.

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I wouldn't stress it. Ethan's all came in crooked, and Charlie's are doing the same. Ethan's all straightened out & I'm sure Charlotte's (And Ronin's) will too