Shy with people they know?

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Shy with people they know?

Juliet is going through a stage where she sill act shy towards people she knows. She'll put her head down, look away and cry if the person tried to interact with her.
DH was gone for a few days, and it took her over an hour to warm up to him. She was asking for him everyday while he was gone.

Last week, MIL went to the daycare to pick her up, and even if Joseph was with her, Juliet woudl have nothing to do with them. The daycare provider took MIL to the main office to check her ID and double check Juliet's file to see if she was authorised to pick her up. As the parent, I think it is great that they did this.

We were at the Mall, and saw one of the daycare providers, and again Juliet shied away.

I hope it is a stage, and will go away. It is hard for poeple who love her and want to hold her, and hard for me, because then she becomes like velcro stuck to me.

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:bighug: I don't really have any advice. Mine don't 'do' shy with anyone

I'm sure it's just a phase

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Addy still does this sometimes (she's well over 2.5 now)'s definitely gotten better the past couple of months, but it still happens. She takes at least ten or twenty minutes to warm up in any new situation, "new" meaning any change in people she's expected to interact with. Once she has had a few minutes to get used to the situation and approach it on her own terms she's ridiculously social, but she definitely does not just run up and give hugs or even talk/respond to ANYONE, even her grandmas, cousins, etc. who she sees at least once a week and loves to pieces. She is sloooooooowly getting better, but I think it's just part of her personality. She needs a minute. We're used to it, and I'm sure the adjustment period will continue to get shorter over time. Hang in there!

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Yeah, we have this issue with Olivia as well. She's naturally takes time to warm up to someone. I warn people ahead of time that she takes awhile to warm up. Grandpa has learned to back off and interact with DS and then DD thinks it's okay in a couple minutes.

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Isabelle doesn't really do this, although she does take a while to fully warm up-she will be really quiet until she gets comfortable, then she will start talking and acting silly and crazy once she does warm up to you.