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Sorry I haven't been posting much!!
All 5 of us had 104 fevers...ugh...
Still are congested with stuffy noses and sore throats.
No one is sleeping...:0(
I can't get anything done...and feel like poopy! lol.
Anyway, I am reading...just not typing a lot.

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Awww that is sucky. I hope you all feel better soon and get some sleep!!!

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Oh no! Sad I hope you're all feeling back to your normal selves soon. :grouphug:

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Oh no, hope your family gets better soon.

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Apparently we have strep throat going around in our area so it seems like everyone around us is sick. I hope you guys get to feeling better quickly, it's no fun when the whole house goes down.

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I hope ya'll get to feeling better soon!

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:bighug: I have a nasty cold today myself, I'm sure dd will catch it from me Sad I hope your family gets better quick, being sick is awful.

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Being sick sucks!!! I hope u all feel better soon!!!

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Feel Better Soon!!!!

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So sorry you are all sick. That is no fun at all. Sending healthy vibes your way!!

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Ugh, that sucks. Hope everyone recovers quickly.