Silly sleeping question

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Silly sleeping question

Ok, ladies... I'm not complaining in the least; but I just wanted to make sure it's normal...

Sophie's naps are pretty bang on. she naps for an hour at lunch and an hour right around dinner. Lately, she's been going down for two hours a lunch... and sometimes at dinner time as well... Her nights have been a bit off; going to bed later and sleeping in later, but still only up once for a bottle... I figure the later betime and later waketimes are cause of the longer naps... makes sense right? Today she didn't fall asleep until 2p and is still alseep... DF wants me to go wake her up but I've been told that when a baby sleeps longer it's because of a growth spurt, possibly mentally, and that they need the sleep...

Is this a kinda normal thing for a baby??

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I'd think totally normal. We usually get him down for a 2.5-3.5 hour nap once a day but yesterday he slept for 5 hours. I did have to wake him at 5:45 cause we put the kids down at 7:30 and I wanted him to still go to bed around the same time. But yes, more sleep is always good.

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Sleeping babies are the best babies! Wink Teagan's been doing about a 2 hr nap midday. Occasionally, she'll want to take a nap after daycare. I let her but I try to wake her if she'll still sleeping around 5. Otherwise, bad things happen.

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i would think it's normal. we have a 1.5-2 hour nap in the morning and same in the afternoon going on here. then he goes to bed between 7-7:30 and usually be will done until 6-7 am the next morning. most times he will go back to sleep too

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I think its normal for her to sleep longer or have a longer nap. Usually Natalie has 2 naps, one in the am before lunch and usually one after lunch. They both are around an hour but sometimes I will get lucky and she will sleep 2-3 hours depending on how tired she is.. I say just go with it..

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Don't wake her!
Aiden currently does 2 naps some days, 1 nap other days. If he needs two naps, he'll go down before lunch (we'll eat a later 12:30-1ish lunch when he gets up) and again in mid afternoon for 1-2 hours each nap. When he does one nap, he'll go down after lunch for 1-3 hours (I wish this was more consistent!!!).
If you don't mind the later naps and later bed time, then go with it. But if you do mind, today's nap might be a chance to get her to bed earlier and napping earlier tomorrow. But all depends on how you like things! Smile