skipping the afternoon nap?

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skipping the afternoon nap?

I know that with Christmas, routine has been tossed out of the window.
However, for the last few days, Juliet has been refusing to nap. She has a tantrum if I try to put rock her. She plays in her crib for over an hour, but does not nap. I found her but naked today. Good thing she is potty trained.
On the up side, she is in good spirits until about half an hour before bed time.

Any other little ones resisting afternoon naps?

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We've had 2 days of h@!!, I mean no nap. Today he finally took a nap and I'm letting him sleep forever! He is so cranky at night without one and we go to bed by 7:30 every night. Our issue is more that he is learning to nap on a cot at my preschool instead of his own room. Not going well.

I'm glad Juliet is doing much better than Odin without a nap!

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Isabelle will not nap if she goes to daycare or if there is something exciting going on (like at Grandma and Granpa's house during Christmas). However she doesn't get grumpy if she doesn't nap which is very fortunate. I almost prefer the days she doesn't nap because she will go to bed earlier-on the days she naps, she wakes up at supper time so she doesn't go to bed until I am almost ready for bed so I don't get my break, lol!

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Tobey has been on and off napping for a few months. After a couple of days he gets really cranky and eventually will take a nap but it's turned into a big fuss. I have to either walk him in his stroller or sit with him while he goes to sleep. No more putting him down and walking away. He's still sleeping OK at night. A few stupidly early mornings but not too bad.

I hate it. I miss naps.

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I used to insist on a scheduled "quiet time" after lunch. I needed it for myself! Both kids became voracious readers and learned early on how to entertain themselves. So if they didn't nap, they did fine in their rooms. And I could face those late afternoon hours more sanely!

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unless we are really busy that day and he gets tired, we have been skipping naps when he is home with us. He does well for most of the day, but the last 2-3 hours before bed become a challenge lol. he still naps during the week at day care as he needs that though.