So sad...

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So sad...

Miss Natalie somehow fell off my bed. Well I know how but I wont make him feel quilty. She was in between us playing and the next thing you hear is boom and waaa waaa waa.. Poor thing just kept crying and crying. Im glad our bed isnt too high but she has a nice little bump on the corner of her eyebrow. I said to dh how could you not feel her crawl over you? He doesnt know.. Sad

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Aiden crawled off the end of the bed at my parents house a couple of weeks ago. No more naps in the bed! I've been trying to teach him to get off safely, but he doesn't get it yet. I really wish I had a crib here!

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So sorry! ((HUGS))

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Aw poor little lady! My DH "somehow" let Teagan fall off the bed the other day too. He said, "But she knows how to get down!" Ummm, that doesn't mean you still don't have to watch her! I'm just glad it was off the guest bed, which is on the floor, and onto the rug and not our big bed, which is elevated and a pillow top (at least a 3.5 foot drop) and onto the hardwood. Isn't the difference between our attention to our kids and our DHs' attention just amazing/scary?!

For those of you trying to teach your little ones how to safely get off the bed or couch, here's what we (meaning I) did. Teagan was trying to go head first. Not exactly the safest method. So, I let her go head first and barely bump her noggin. Like seriously she hits herself in the head harder. That was enough for her to learn that head first = owie. I then showed her how to get down properly and we practiced that a bunch. She no longer tries to go head first and will swivel and go feet first. I think she was sleepy and rolled off the bed while under DH's "supervision."

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aww. this hasn't happened to us yet but we have been close.

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Aww, poor baby. Luckily we haven't had her fall off of anything yet. Whenever she gets close to the edge of anything we turn her around so she goes feet first.

We did have an ugly incident about 2 weeks ago where she was standing at one of the chairs in our dining area and she was pooping (it was cute to watch her). Well all of a sudden she got excited and used one foot to kick the other out from beneath her and fell. I can still remember the slapping sound as she hit the wood laminate (concrete underneath). She cried for a long time, but was completely uninjured.

I bet your DH gets more attentive after that 'somehow' incident.

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Poor baby. That is by big fear with our bed. Its like over 4 feet off the ground and I panic that a fall would cause major injury.

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Awwww...poor baby. I bet all that crying broke your heart.

Erin, that's a good idea, I may have to borrow that.

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Poor little girl. Sad

We've been very lucky so far. Very lucky.

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Miranda just did this today Sad

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awww!! Little Miranda! Did she fall off her bed?