So whiney and annoying! (rant)

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So whiney and annoying! (rant)

Plus I'm sick too. It sucks. Simon is teething like mad right now, plus has a stuffy nose and a bit of a fever, and he's driving me nuts with his whining. He doesnt want to eat, or to sleep, or to snuggle. He just wants to whine. And I've lost my voice and have a headache. And I have also went cold turkey off my zoloft because my doctor refused to let me wean off of it, so after doing a little research I decided to just stop it. I only have one side effect, what they call "brain shivers". It's sort of annoying but bareable. I sort of just feel dizzy every once in awhile. But my mood and everything else is normal. It's been just over a week I've been off it now so it's completely out of my system, my brain just needs to get used to not having it there. So hopefully in another week or so I'll be back to normal.

Sigh, I hope we both get better soon!!!! Thanks for letting me rant!

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That's a lot! I hope everyone is better soon.

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Brain shivers certainly don't sound fun. I hope everyone feels better soon! Sometimes when Teagan is having a "special" day, I just give up and chill out on the floor in her room. It seems to satiate her need for closeness without requiring me to carry her around. Of course, I can't get anything done but at least the whining stops.

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Sorry you are having a tough time. That does not sound like fun. Here's to hoping things get better quick!!

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Hope you both feel better soon. I've had those days before with DS1 and I would just lay in the middle of the room with toys surrounding me. Kinda like what Erin said gives them the closeness with minimal effort for you when you aren't feeling so great.

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Wow that sucks. I don't deal well with the whining when I feel good, much less when I don't! I hope you both get better fast.

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Whining is no fun....hope you both feel better soon.

Erin's idea is great....I do that too. Just lay on the floor, become a jungle gym or whatever and let the girls play on/over/with me. Smile