SO - who hasnt gotten AF yet?

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SO - who hasnt gotten AF yet?

Hey ladies

I didnt want to hijack Anna's thread so I thought I'd start new one. Who hasnt gotten AF back yet? I havent. I keep thing it's coming then nothing. And I'm definitely not pregnant.

I'm thinking it's going to come back some time soon for sure. Is it weird that it still hasnt returned?

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I haven't, but that doesn't surprise me too much, Ronin still wakes to be fed a minimum of two times a night. I'm hoping with having to hand express off one side because of cracks so noit getting as much out as usual doesn't bring it back.

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Me. I'm pretty sure 3 days of spotting doesn't count. Lol DS is still BF around the clock. In fact today he's decided he wants to every every 1-2 hours! I was enjoying this every 3.5-4 hours deal we had going on.

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i stopped bfing at 6 months and just got it back last week.

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I havent yet. Im so happy! Smile

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Ok, i'm normal then! I'm just surprised because Simon eats max once through the night, and he sleeps around 10 hours.

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No AF here! Let's hope it stays that way for a nice, long time! Smile
We're still BFing around the clock.

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No AF here! I've heard it can stay away for over a year if you're lucky.

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Not me...I won't get it...
I had to start provea when I was TTC each one...I never get em'

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Well mine hasn't come back since the Mirena has been in, and it can stay away!!

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No AF yet Yahoo
Still BFing. I've had a few times I've felt hormonal almost like when AF should show, but that's about it. DS still eats about every 3 hours during the day and has gone from 0-1 times at night to 3 :eek:. I feel like I have a newborn again!!!!

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What's AF? It's been so long... Smile

I didn't get it back until I quit pumping with my DD, so I expect it might be similar with the twins. Glad to know I'm not the only one still getting up sometimes several times a night to nurse.

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Nothing here as well. She can stay away all year if she likes. Might make tcc an issue in 5 months though. I though she was on her way two weeks ago but then nothing. Still nursing 1-3 x's a night.

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I sort of haven't. I'm on the mini pill so if I get AF something is wrong Lol I had one AF just before I started on the pill but I was about 10 weeks PP so that was AGES ago Smile

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Ruth, I'm pretty sure I'll still be getting up at night with Aiden in 6 months. Oh well. Such is life. He just likes to evenly spread his feedings across the whole 24 hours.

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"gottharf" wrote:

Glad to know I'm not the only one still getting up sometimes several times a night to nurse.

Hardly! lol
Lainey nurses anywhere from 2-6(!!!) times per night, but I don't get up, just pull her over. DH has actually started sleeping downstairs with her for the first part of the night. I think proximity to the food source encourages her to nurse more often. Smile Since he's started doing that we're down to 2-3 times per night, which is more manageable (and I can get a block of 2-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is heavenly! I wish we could get her to sleep in her crib for part of the night, but she'll only sleep for 10-20 minutes max every.single.time. And I don't have the energy to deal with constantly putting her back to sleep.
Sorry, I digress! Not trying to thread-jack!

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No AF here either!! Thank goodness!! I'm still day-breastfeeder. I night BF on a rare occasion, but otherwise Sophie gets bottles for overnight... She's up 2x a night. I really hope AF steers clear of me... Blum 3