some news on brookelyn...

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some news on brookelyn...

hey i hope everyone is doing great! i just thought i would update you all on how we are doing...

brookelyn has had some unusual behaviors and at first i thought nothing of it, but bc i have child protection in my life just till next month i took their advice and saw my family dr about her. well she also saw a hearing and speech therapist. hearing was fine, her speech on the other hand is delayed and at the level of a 12-15 month old's if that. she was also screened for austism which came back as her being at the higher level of having it. we saw a ped and she spent almost 3 hours with brookelyn and then told me she was 95.9% positive brookelyn is austic, but it could take up to 6 months for her proper diagnoses. things have been pretty rough with her she doesnt like change, she screams when someone besides me and a couple ppl touch her, her sister cant even touch her without her losing her mind. i most def have my hair pulling moments. her daycare told me i need to find some where else for her to go bc thats not the place for her. the ped is trying to get the funding so that brookelyn can have a special needs worker with at all times with her at daycare. her dad and i met with a different daycare the other day, and as long as she gets this worker then they have an opening for ger to go there, also wgen i go back to work(hopefully very soon) christopher can also go there as well.
alexis is doing great in grade 1 so far and loving school. she is having a hard time dealing with what is going on with her sister, and i dont even know how to help her understand.

christopher is doing fine growing like crazy and its hard to believe he is almost 7 months old. he loves trying all kinds of new foods, but now i have a question for anyone who can help me... at night time chrisopher will roll over on his belly and wake up freaking out and i will get up, roll him over, put his blanket back on him, and i will do this about 10 tomes a night which isnt much fun. i hope you guys can help me!!

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:bighug: that sounds rough

does he like to be swaddled still?