Some random pics of my girls<3 **PIC HEAVY!!*

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Some random pics of my girls<3 **PIC HEAVY!!*

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Lovely pics TFS!!

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They are beautiful!!!

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They are so cute! They look so happy! Biggrin

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Your little one has gotten so big since I last saw photos!

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She totally has grown a lot. They look like they have a great time together. TFS

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They are so cute! I love the one where your older daughter is helping her sister walk! TFS!

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Yes they do have a lot of fun together, but sometimes Brookelyn can drive Alexis crazy. Alexis can also drive Brookelyn crazy as well, so it all works out in the end. Brookelyn has grown so much. She is so big. She weighs 26/27 lbs and is tall for her age as well. She is into 24 months clothing. My oldest daughter loves helping her little sister, and when Christopher is born I am sure she will be a big help with him as well.

Thanks for all the nice comments:)