someone stole my baby!

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someone stole my baby!

and replaced him with a whiny, clingy, cranky one!!

w.t.f. lol. Between DH's mood swings these past couple of days and Lucas constantly whining and wanting me to hold him i am ready to pull my hair out. I lay him down anywhere on his back and he freaks out. i pull him up to a standing position and he starts giggling, bipolar baby!!:p i remember a couple other babies on here going through this so i am really hoping it ends soon, but he has been doing this for like 2 weeks now. ahhhhhhhhh bedtime AND naptime has been a nightmare again he screams and i have to rock him to sleep at bedtime. i did catch him trying to get on his knees in his crib last night and i read babies do that when they are learning to crawl. i am just ready to have my happy baby back.

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Tobey is just the same. He wants to be with me and only me all the time. And I have the pain in the bum DH too Smile The only thing different is that he's happy to go to sleep (for now) And it's been going on for ages. Only now he's started screaming like he's in pain then the second I pick him up he stops. And DS1 has decided to scream when ever Tobey does... I need ear plugs!!

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It'll pass and then happen again and again ;). Teagan's most recent cranky phase has passed. I'm enjoying my happy baby while it lasts.

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Yes Simon was just in this phase, he "seems" to be over it for the most part and yes it coincided with him learning to crawl. So if Lucas is learning to crawl maybe it's a milestone thing like what I suspect Simon went through.

It lasted about a month......not to get you down. Im sure every baby is different with this. Just hang in there and it will be over soon!!

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I've been dealing with this too for the past two weeks. The daytime clingyness comes and goes, but the night time struggle has gotten worse. I SO miss my good natured baby!