still BF? how often?

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still BF? how often?

The post title pretty much sums it up. Smile

B nurses usually 5-6 times during the day and at least 2-3 times at night.

M nurses usually 5 times during the day and usually once at night, lately twice.

Considering night weaning... anyone else still nursing at night?

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Yep, still BFing here and hoping to continue for at least 6 more months.

Lainey nurses anywhere from 3-5 times per day, on average. Then another 3-4 times at night. She starts out in her crib, wakes at midnight to nurse and ends up in our bed. I think she nurses about 2-3 more times after that, but I am so sleep deprived, every night just runs together. I am fantasizing about night weaning, but I honestly don't think it would work at this point, she is still very dependent on BFing at night (whether for food or comfort).

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We are still breastfeeing here too, but starting to wean now before my return to work in about a month's time. During the day, Leah nurses 4 times now with 2 bottles of formula and during the night it was every few hours, but now I have it down to a dreamfeed and once overnight.

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I only BF when he gets up in the morning. I'm meant to be stopping so I can start my pill (I was on the mini pill but I was bleeding ALL.THE.TIME so I had to swap) but he cries at me until he gets his morning boobie. I do need to try and wean him really, then DH can getup with both boys at the weekend and I can have a lie-in Lol

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Yep, still nursing. About 4-5 times per day. No night time nursing. That ended quite some time ago.

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No nursing for us anymore.. we are still giving her a bottle but I hope to end that soon Smile So cool that you are still BF Twins!!!! Biggrin

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No night nursing. When we were trying to encourage better sleeping, DH started going in there at night to help and Aiden stopped wanting to BFing.
He nurses for about 30-45 minutes in the morning anywhere from 5:15 to 8am. He'll then nurse maybe 3 times during the day, but they are SHORT sessions compared to a month ago. Maybe 2 minutes? Then he bites me and smiles to say he's done. I'll make him nurse for 15 minutes before bed. Turns into monkey wrestling. :rolleyes:

I can tell Aiden, the former boob addict, is trying to start the weaning process. I'm hoping he'll change his mind. My boob really is just a snack. If it's a meal time he'll refuse to nurse till after he's had real food (even if most ends up on the floor). Sad I'm sad!

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Still nursing here and planning to for some time to come. On weekdays, Teagan nurses 3-4 times per day. Mostly after work. On weekends its more but mostly midday snacks because the boob is there and must be utilizes (so says the Monkey). She nurse 2-infiniti times per night. We've gotten it down to about 2-3 quick snacks because the no sleep business was not cutting it. It involved a little bit of screaming and a lot of patience. Cutting down on night time nursing is not easy when you co-sleep. We're going to start the move to her own room sometime soon.

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we stopped nursing at 6 months, but he still randomly wakes up for a bottle. Some nights once, some nights twice some nights he will sleep until morning.

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Still nursing 4-5 times per day depending on the day and his mood. He mostly goes through the night without nursing but about 40% of the time will wake at 4 or 5am for a good feed and then go back to sleep for a while. Its a hit or miss thing with no reg. schedule.

I'm praying I make it a lot longer without any supply issues.

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Let's see, during the week I am down to two pumps during the day at work and she nurses once when I get home, probably 2-3 really short ones throughout the evening and then when she goes to bed. She usually comes in to our bed around 3 am and nurses then and then again at 6:30a.m and usually another quick nurse to top off at 7:30 am. Some nights its more, others less. Plan to be all done with pumping in 2 weeks so I don't know if she will keep nursing during the day on weekends or if I will not produce anything anymore. I plan to let her keep nursing during the evenings/nights/weekends for a few more months if she wants.

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Yep, still bfing here. Usually 1-3 times at night, and about 5 times during the day..

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Still bf here too! about 4-5 times during the day and 1 at night. Leaving it up to him for now.

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Still going here, I stopped [pumping at work, but he still nurses about 3 times when I get home before bed, then anywhere between 2 and a million times a night and 1-2 times before we leave for the day. Weekeds it's still on tap whenever he wants it

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Simon pretty much sttn now (though he of course was up last night. LOL!). So maybe 6 times during the day, and once at night max. I go back to work soon but hope to continue to bf before and after work and on my off days. We'll see how it goes.

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Still nursing lots and lots, maybe 6x per day and 4 per night? Maybe more though!

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I am still nursing.. I think she is having around 6 feeds per day but some of them are "snack" feeds Beee

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Still nursing here. 5 to 6 times during the day, twice at night. She drinks water out of sippy cups but throws EBM, milk, etc. Nursing is still really big for her so we're going to continue until she self-weens. I don't mind, I have bad endometriosis and so far, I've only had one period since she was born so it's win-win! Plus she's pretty petite, 19lbs, so I figure she needs the calories Biggrin

So happy to see we're not the only ones! IRL people keep asking me if we're going to ween, or how much longer I'm gonna ''let her'' nurse.