Stinky pee!

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Stinky pee!

Anyone else notice that their LOs pee stinks to high heaven lately? Its like she's outputting toxic materials!

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Simon's pee is only a bit stinky if it's more concentrated. He tends to drink alot of water though so this rarely happens. Did she have asparagus? LOL!

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Yiup, npo matter how much water he drinks some days his pee just reeks, it's worse when he's teething too. Those pees turn my stomach and I can smell them a mile away

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Oh, I've never though of teething causing the stinky pee. Odin's has been pretty strong lately despite lots of water.

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Lucas drinks a ton of water too, but his pee stinks especially when he has been in it for awhile like overnight.

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N drinks tons of water but has always had pretty dark stinky has gotten better since he stopped bf but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

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I've decided Aiden pees acid which is why cloth at night just isn't working for us. *sigh* And he drinks so much more water now that we bought him his own camelbak like his father's!

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Madison has days like that too. Especially when she gets up in the mornings. It'll knock you out sometimes!!

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Wow...I have never noticed this! But I was wondering about the asparagus too Biggrin