Teagan's 9 month appt

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Teagan's 9 month appt

Teagan had her 9 month well baby appointment this morning. The doc did a hemoglobin test, which involved a finger prick and a 30 second wait to find out she's not anemic. Doc says she looks great and poo pooed my reservations about nuts. He gave us the green light to give her anything we want. I'm still not sure. I might wait another month and then smear some peanut butter on her skin to see if anything happens ;).

Anyway, here's her stats:

Weight: 21 lbs 7 oz (90th %ile)
Height: the nurse said 28.75 in but my sheet says 27.75 in, I'm inclined to believe the later, which is 70th %ile
Noggin': 18.75 in (97th %ile) kid's got a big head apparently

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Sounds like a great appointment Smile

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Yay!!! Sounds like things are going great! Evan is a little "big headed" too. Biggrin

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Sounds like she is doing great!
I'd be a little unsure about the nuts too. Is the doc pushing the nuts because you guys are vegetarian?

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Joy- No he's not pushing nuts per se. He just doesn't see a benefit in putting it off 3 months. He said if she's going to have a reaction to nuts she's going to have one. So, it's up to me if I want to test it with my 9 month old or with a 1 year old.

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Hooray for the great appointment!

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Interesting about the nuts because that's one of the only things I'm avoiding with Aiden. I will have to ask our pedi about that at his 9 month appt.
Glad to hear that there's other big headed kids. I hate t-shirts because they're so hard to get over his fat head. lol.

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Sounds liek a great appointment!!! I want to try peanuts early because I LOVE them!! LOL!!!
Simon has a big head too. I have a shirt that is 18-24 months that I have a hard time getting over his head! That just means they have big smart brains! Biggrin

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awesome!!! lad everything is going well. we have our 9 month appt sometime next week

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Great appt!! Biggrin

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Sounds like a good appointment!

Isn't it nice to have an appointment without shots? (Although, if you are a delayed or non-vaxer, nevermind. Smile )

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Sounds like she's doing great!

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Yay for a great appointment! Smile

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