Teagan's First Birthday Pics!!

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Teagan's First Birthday Pics!!

We had Teagan's party this Sunday. I just got the pics from the photographer. I'm just going to link to Facebook because uploading them to photobucket is an impossibility due to all the crap I have to do for school right now. I figured you ladies would rather I did that than make you wait ;). I'll leave the album public for a little while so everyone can see them.

We did a little 1st birthday shoot just before the party. She had just woken up and wasn't in a smiley mood. So most of the pics are serious Teagan face pics. And she refused to wear the super cute headbands I had purchased for the occasion. Oh well.

Anyway, Enjoy!


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Awesome pics. It looks like she LOOOOVED the cake! Lol Teagan has the most beautiful eyes!! Those pictures when she is in the pink dress really bring them out.

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aww how cute! it looks like she had a great day:) and it looks like her smash cake turned out this time!

what is that purple food stuff?

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You have some FANTASTIC pictures! Love the cake smash photos (or the "Teagan loves icing" photos). lol.
I think it's great you got so many serious face photos. Smile

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Those are some really cute pictures! Looks like Teagan really enjoyed the ball pit, that was a neat idea. And she sure liked that cake!

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I love your pictures! They all look amazing and I loved her cupcake cake! You have one beautiful little girl on your hands! Smile

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That huge cupcake is awesome!!! Great pics, she is so pretty! Her eyes are amazing!

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Awww, those turned out so nice!
I'm loving her picking up her giant cupcake!

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The cake smash is just awesome!! And can I just say you look hot in the bathing suite?!? Smile

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I like the, "Oh I'm supposed to eat it, I thought it was a SMASH cake" picture SO SO SO much!!!!!!! Looks like she had a great time Smile Beautiful little girl, as always!

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Your pics are awesome! She is such a pretty girl!
I love the smash cake, and your ball pit was a great idea!

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Great pics!! That looks like it was a great birthday party. She is just precious!!

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Gorgeous photos!! Biggrin

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I freaking LOVE your pictures! The ones with her by the water...are gorgeous! How beautiful! You are so beautiful too!!!

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Love them! all of them!

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Love Teagan's eye color.

That's a serious smash cake session. How nice to have a splash park available for a rinse.

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Great pics! The smash cake looks like it was a lot of fun Smile

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So adorable!! Looks like a great day! Smile