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How is everyone doing on teeth? Little man went from having five to nine like in three days. He is miserable. These teeth hurt him way more than the front ones. He also refuses to eat or brush his teeth because of it. What do you all do to help with this?

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Ronin is working on some more coming throufh, he currently has 8. They are really hurting him and so far very little is helping.

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Aiden has 6 teeth (all in front), but his 1 year molars are coming through (and boy are they taking their sweet time!). He is miserable from it! When it's gotten really bad (constantly crying, nothing is setting him down, chewing on his fingers but won't take teething rings, ice, etc) I give him a half dose of infant tylenol. Seems to be helping to take the worst of it away. For the most part I offer him homemade popsicles, which he'll take half the time. We also do a lot of cuddles on the couch while watching Sesame Street on Netflix.

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Poor thing. We are still stalled at 7 teeth and haven't had any new ones in months.
With DS1 I used to offer ice pops and other hard snacks to chew on. Also those Hylands tablets for teething. There was no real great thing though.

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By her first birthday, Juliet had everyting, including eye teeth. She was miserable for about two months, then they all came out within about a month.
I keep expecting to find a second set of molars, as she is still druling.

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We're awaiting "2-year" molars. Teagan's been sticking her fingers way back in her mouth so maybe soon? She teeths fast and furiously. Its miserable for a day or so and then ... BAM ... 4 new teeth.

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Natalie had 4 for the longest time but in the past 2 weeks, 3 new ones have popped through. So a total of about 7 nows..The first 4 she had no problem with but these last 3 she has been miserbale..

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Lucas has 8 teeth and two molars popping through (that i can see) he was pretty miserable and didn't want to eat either. He is just now starting to get back to normal

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Isabelle had 4 (two front top and bottom) for a long time and just had 4 more front teeth come through at the same time, so she is at 8. She was fussy for a couple days with them but not too bad. No molars yet though, not looking forward to those coming through.

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I know I'm going to jinx myself with this statement but my kids don't get overly grouchy while teething. Clara has 6 teeth on top and just two on bottom, no signs of anymore right now. I hope you can get him some relief!

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Simon has 11 teeth (the front 4 on top and bottom, the first molar on the top and bottom right side, and the left top molar is just peaking through now). His first bottom molar on the left is bulging but has not broken through yet and it sort of looks like the top right eye tooth is coming in. He can be pretty miserable at times. He just whines and whines....he still eats pretty good though. He wakes alot when teething. We use Advil for that and I think it's wonderful!!! I try to only use it when he's really in pain though.

Isnt it weird how they all have a such a variety of teeth, when they came in and what order? LOL!!

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We use highlands but it wears off fairly quickly. I have just never seen him this whiny. He wants nothing near his mouth except when he nurses so none of the other home remedies work. My poor kiddo...

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We have 9 but I can see the other 3 back teeth coming.

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Would he take a carrot stick or cucumber stick. I give them to Ronin as snacks when he is teething because the carrot is hard and feels good on his gums to chew and the cucumber is cooling.

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Ok, on tooth brushing tonight I found we have 10 Lol

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We have 6 now, 4 top and 2 bottom ones. I think some more may be on their way, he drooled through a t shirt the other day. It just pours out of his mouth. We have also gone through times when he cries when he sees the tooth brush. I try to at least give the teeth a quick swipe with the brush. It usually only lasts a day or two though, then he's back to a brushing bandit!!

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Lainey has 10 as far as I know (she HATES it when we try to look in her mouth). She's got 4 in the front on top, 2 in the front on the bottom, and all 4 molars. She is probably working on a few more, but I honestly don't think to look all the often. She got all 4 molars at the same time, that was fun.

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Holy!! Everyone babies have so many teeth!! Sophie, just last week, kinda sorta cut her 6th tooth... and I'm not sure it's finished coming through just yet. Lol... She is MISERABLE when teething. NOTHING will console her and she is just constantly whining, cranky, wanting up, then down, and then back up... Ugh... I feel soooo awful for her. Brooke was an easy teether; but Sophie is the complete opposite.

We used to have her wearing teething necklaces; but everytime we took the necklace off her for a few days she'd get a new tooth!! DF would say that the necklace didn't help teething be easier but it stopped it completely w Sophie and that's why she took so long to get teeth in the first place as we had her wearing it from 6months on... Lol...

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Lucas has 11 teeth now. Those 3 molars finally made an appearance