Teeth BTDT mom help..

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Teeth BTDT mom help..

Ok, so this is about my 4 year old Trevor and I seriously hope Chloe is not gonna follow in his foot steps with the teeth issues we have!
We have gotten rid of soda, candy, most juice... and still my kid is getting 2 more cavities I am pretty sure!! WTH!! I brush his teeth twice a day.. I am really considering brushing his teeth after anything he ate/drinks! I just figured that it may be bad to brush his teeth 15 times a day.

The dentist is gonna think I am such a crappy mom! Sad

Dh is missing many of his teeth. His back teeth mainly. These are the teeth that Trevor is having problems with. I wonder is genetics has anything to do with the strength of his teeth? The dentist said that could most definitely be apart of our problem but I also wonder if she was trying to make me feel better. We go wednesday.

How do ya'll brush teeth? We do it twice a day for both kids and we also use a mouthwash/fluoride rinse with Trevor. If he gets any candy and we are near something to brush his teeth we will also brush them then.

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Genetics absolutely play a role in getting cavities. DH and I have the exact same diet and brush/floss a similar amount. I get tons of cavities and he's had one in his life (and he swears the dentist was wrong). Your dentist isn't just saying it to make you feel better but you can't just ignore his predisposition to tooth problems just because its genetic either. I currently brush Teagan's teeth once per day and its not usually a very good brushing. She just won't let me do any better than that and I find she's been getting better about it as I haven't been pressuring her. We don't give her hardly any sweets (maybe once per week), very very rarely does she get juice (maybe once a month), and under no circumstances does she get soda. I never give her sweets before bed.

Is he old enough to have his teeth sealed?

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Genetics totally plays a role, i have terrible teeth and so does hubby, no matter how much we brush, floss, mouthwash etc. I also have a number of adult teeth that don't exist and have been told for years that I need at arrange xrays for my children around age 7 so they can discover if and how many teeth they are missing because it is genetic.

I try to brush Ronin's teeth twice a day, but he is so freaking stubborn and won't let me in most of the time so I end up letting him try, at least something gets done to them then. I wish he would let me brush them properly but he clmaps his teeth and mouth shut so I can't get in.

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I think probioticscan help too.

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the dentist won't think that! he probably sees it all the time. Did he give you any suggestions of what you can do to help? What about rinsing his mouth with water after every time he eats so you are not constantly brushing his teeth?

Lucas gets his teeth brushed 1-2 times a day and like the others have said, it is not that thorough. some times he lets me get in there more then others, but not often. i know he lets my DCP get in there good though.