Temper Temper!!!

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Temper Temper!!!

Hi ladies

Anyone elses LO having temper tantrum??? Simon has such a bad temper!!! If you go to change his diaper or clothes when he doesnt want to he screams/cries and SLAMS his feet down and is just PISSED!!! Also if he's eating and I try to give him something he doesnt want he shakes his head back and forth (saying no) and flings the food everywhere!! Also when I put him down and he doesnt want to be where I put him, he freaks and cries and screams until I pick him up!

I feel like it's the terrible twos with my not even one year old!!!! Man where did he get this temper?!?!?

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Natalie does this when I put her down.. (just did it a minute ago).. She also flares her arms everywhere when she is mad!

I always blame it on the fathers genes..lol

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Lucas has a temper, but he only really shows it when i put him to bed sometimes. He throws his soother across the room when i try to give it to him lol. Otherwise he just has a little fit that lasts a couple of seconds if i take something from him or move him away. I blame it on DH too;)

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Ahhhhh thank goodness it's not just Sophie! LOL!! She's got a wicked temper on her to and doesn't mind showing it!! She too freaks out when you try to change her when she doesn't want to be changed. Or if I put her down and she didn't want to be put down, or if I put her in her highchair and she doesn't want to be in there... Lol... Or if her sister takes away a toy she's playing w... OMG, she LOSES it!!

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Josie will lay flat on her stomach with her head on the floor and cry...peek up...and cry more...lol...she is dramatic:0)

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Ronin can chuck a pretty good tanty. If he doesn't want his nappy changed, or to get dressed, or if you have to stop him playing, or if he doesn't want to do something. You get the idea, we get some pretty good tantrums fairly often, I'm hoping he uses them all up before he hits two.