Thank you!!!

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Thank you!!!

You are seriously the best group of women in the whole world!! The only downside is that you are all too far away to be in-person support too!! I feel truly blessed to have so many of you just rushing in to offer me resources (hypnobirthing cds and books) out of the kindness of your hearts.

I have been thinking about this birth since Lyla was born. I really, really want this one to go my way, and will take all the resources I can get!! I owe you ladies one though, so if you need anything from me in the future, let me know!

Seriously. Thank you!!

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I wish everyone could have a BB as amazing as ours! Biggrin

I still have lots of those HPTs you sent me. Can put a few more to use in another 2-3 weeks. lol

Oh and Erin is sending me flat cloth diapers! Woot!

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I know I love this BB!!! You guys rock! You hear that Janice?!?! We have to get together considering how close we are!!! There arent many of us with that option!!!

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haha I know! we are terrible Biggrin all you ladies rock

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I agree, I wish I could be like the rest of you and send stuff to help when you need it, but I just live too far away for most stuff.