Thank you, Joy and Odin!

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Thank you, Joy and Odin!

Thanks for the Little Critter Snowman book and B&N gift card, Joy and Odin! Lainey will have fun picking out a book of her own! And the snowman book was very timely - we got about 9 inches of snow yesterday, when it arrived. In fact, I had to rescue the package and the rest of my mail from the middle of the road after the snowplow hit out mailbox! Thankfully I spotted it not long after it happened, and nothing blew away or got run over by a car. A little damp, but the book inside was just fine Smile

I'll try to get a pic once I get my camera charged up again!

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Yay, I'm glad you got it! Sorry we got it out so late but I figured it would be fun to get a little post Christmas package. OMG to the snowplow doing in your mailbox. Good thing you saw the mail so soon after it happened! The one time I don't put my package in one of those plastic, bubble lined