There's now a homeschooling board!

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There's now a homeschooling board!

Did y'all see the announcements? The homeschooling board is now up and running. I'm homeschooling curious, but DH is not at all on board with it. I have a few years yet to decide, so I may be a frequent lurker on the HS board to see how things are going with others.

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Awesome! I'm still leaning towards homeschooling with all the moving, though it'll have to be a call I officially make year by year when the time comes.

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That is awesome!
I homeschooled DS1 last year but this year we ended up sending him to catholic school. Kinda makes me sad becasue I really loved homeschooling but with Odin around and a business in my home it was pretty impossible this year to give Ryland all that he needed. I think it would have had an easier time right now if the boys were closer in age. Maybe in the future once things settle down again.

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I will be on it.
We home school. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!:0)
Thank you very much!