These are a few of the things that I like

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These are a few of the things that I like

Juliet loves shoes. She does not get that from me, I only have three pairs.
She also loves cats. That, she does get from me.

The other day, she was looking at the Christmas catalogue from Sears. She discovered the Hello Kitty page. They have Hello Kitty slippers. She exclaimed: "soulier chat! Beau" *cat shoes! Nice!"

Her vocabulary has been exploding. She regularly puts two and three words together. Most have been in French, since she goes to French daycare. However, she understands English just as well and has some words there. She is also demonstrating clear likes.

How is it with your LOs?

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That is really cute! Wow to speaking french! What a smart girl Smile

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Wow, two languages! Way to go Juliet!! Evan loves tractors, planes, and big trucks right now. Such a boy. He also is saying so many more words, just in the last few weeks. Our newest.....last night he was sitting with DH and let a huge one rip. He looked up and smiled at DH and said, "I tooted." The men and their grossness is outnumbering mommy at my house.

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I have no doubt if we stayed in Del Rio my son would know more Spanish than me by now! lol.
That is totally cute that she has such strong likes already.

ROFL about the tooting!!!

My son LOVES books. And he's really getting into vehicles now. Like he won't build anything with his mega blocks at all other than a car (his set came with the wheel base). He steals this wood puzzle piece that's a car and zooms that around. I find matchbox cars everywhere (I think my SIL was sneaking them to him because we haven't bought him any!!!).

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Matchbox cars!!! DH is going crazy with them. A few months ago he bought a carrier with wheels and a handle, like a little suitcase. Evan loves it. Now it is full!! DH brought all of his old cars from his mom's, and everytime we are at walmart or Toys R Us, he has to get one or two. DH is definitley using Evan as a reason to play with stuff like that. I'm not complaining, I think it's cute. Next is a ramp for the cars because DH says Evan will have so much fun watching them fly then picking them up and bringing them back to daddy. I told him I didn't think Evan would be the only one having fun. Blum 3

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If I had to pick Adair's main interest right now, I'd have to say animals. She likes to watch animal shows, play with animal toys, wear clothes with animals on them, read books about animals, play games with and pretending to be animals, etc etc etc etc. (Doesn't matter what kind--all animals. Pets, farm, zoo, circus, wild, insects, whatever.) She also loves music (making, singing, dancing, listening to). And the color pink. Purple a close second. She definitely did not get that from us! Our house is bright and colorful, but there's almost no pink or purple anywhere...ha, maybe she saw a gap that needed to be filled Biggrin

That's so awesome that you're able to raise her bilingual, Louise! I think that is such a gift in this global world. Adair is talking up a storm, but she hasn't been exposed to much of a second language yet--only a little Spanish so far, but she can count to ten in Spanish with just a tiny bit of prompting. They have a Spanish Immersion program at her school starting at age 3, and if it's still going next year I'm seriously considering putting her in it. We have a great bilingual immersion elementary school here, so it would be a natural first step if we decide to go in that direction.

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That's great! I'm loving that they're at the age when they start developing their own interests.

Teagan also really loves shoes. I also love shoes but allocate very little of our budget towards them. She's really loving putting anything and everything "night night, baby" and also playing her harmonica while stomping and slapping her tambourine. Her vocabulary is exploding and she's been stringing together more complicated sentences lately. For instance, she'll say "No, mama. Go away. I pooping." Her pronunciation has gotten loads better in just the last few weeks so I think that's the big change. She was probably saying a lot but we just didn't understand any of it until recently Smile

I've considered the Spanish immersion class at daycare and I've also looked into the Tucson International School, which offers like 4-5 different languages. I don't think they take kids until they're PT'd and I need to look into whether or not it'll be more expensive. I don't want to lose out on getting 10% off tuition for having both my kids (T + future baby) at the same school and we're going to have a hard enough time affording both at the current school. Anyway, I babble. I'd really love for T to learn another language. It doesn't really matter to me which language she learns. Spanish would be most useful. I know a tiny bit of French, enough to read it a little, which helps with reading Spanish. Even if she took something like German or Chinese, she'd get a lot out of it. I think the key to future success in language is keeping that door in your brain open. So learning a second language as a child, no matter what it is, might make it easier to learn more languages later. I dunno. I think it would be easiest if she learned something I could at least converse in with her at a rudimentary level. Francais, peut-etre?

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I'm the same way with French but I do think it makes learning Spanish MUCH easier, at least. So much similarity (and Spanish is the simpler of the two). Frankly, since we anticipate living in the Southwest forever, Spanish makes the most sense for us. I've also been curious about the International School, so if you learn anything about it, do share Wink

But what I really wanted to say was: "No, mama. Go away. I pooping." = ROFL !!!!

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Tobey loves anything his brother loves. (cars, trucks, fireman sam, toy story, buses etc) He just copies everything he does, even (especially) the stupid things. We go air plain/helicopter spotting and counting buses, that kind of thing. Actually, he's really into trains which is one this his brother isn't quite so interested in.

Tobey is speaking in quite long sentences now. As DS1 only said "mamma, dadda and UH" and this age he seems to me like a child genius Lol Just this evening when I put his dinner in front of him he said "I don't like it". But it's something he hears his brother saying all the time :rolleyes: anyway, he doesn't have a list of words now, it's basically anything he hears he copies Smile

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Ronin loves anything transport related. It's cane crushing season here so we see lots of tractors and trains and also lately some planes flying low crop dusting and we see boats everytime we drive into town, the river is at the end of the street and two boats are moored there plus on the river front area which we can see some of as we go over the bridge.

He loves puzzles, he will go and sit alone at day care and do puzzles. He is my little logical boy. He also likes helping Mummy. Day care tell me he is very smart and his speach is great but we always do the same routine things at home so I guess he doesn't get to let that vocab fly much here.

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Olivia loves animals and stuffies (stuffed animals) and the color purple. lime green is a close second on colors. She's also into trucks and trains mostly because of her brother.

she's also into throwing fits and getting everything she wants! LOL!

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"rubber_da_glove" wrote:

it's basically anything he hears he copies Smile

Juliet does this too. Her brother thinks it is hilarious and gets her to repeat all sorts of words. I have to step in when he gets into certain body parts.

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That's awesome! I wish there was a good way to teach my kids a 2nd language, but neither me nor anyone I know very well speaks another language. I know a tiny bit of French from what I remember from high school, but that's about it! So what he gets from Dora the Explorer and my subtitled Japanese anime are pretty much all the other languages he will get right now. At least his English vocab is great, it amazes me every day how many words he knows, and his ability to speak in 3 to 5 word sentences.

Lucas still loves anything to do with letters and numbers. He knows all the letters upper and lowercase, the sounds that each one makes, and will say a lot of the alpahbet in order now. So he loves when his sissy or I sing the alphabet song to him. He can count to 13, so he will just randomly start counting and loves when he sees numbers. He also loves the game where I ask him if he is different animals, then he pretends to be that animal. His favorite is the frog, it cracks me up to see him jumping around saying "Ribbit!" Biggrin He also loves vehicles, especially trains and cars, and wants to "drive" my car every chance he gets. He gets so mad when I pull him out of the driver's seat!

He actually also loves shoes, which I find really funny, but I love them and have a ton and his sister loves them and has a ton, so I guess it's only natural :). He likes his sister's pink Hello Kitty boots the best, but also any of her other shoes and my heels. He also is very specific about which pair of his own shoes he wants to wear everyday. Nut!

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Isabelle loves animals, stuffed or real. She also loves shoes. I joke that she got that from Daddy cause he seriously likes his shoe collection. She is also starting to use sentences one of her favorites being "I want ___" She asks for cookies and ice-cream multiple times a day, not that she gets them, but those are her two favorite words! She will also press her nose against the cat and then say "He fuzzy wuzzy!"