The things we say as parents

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The things we say as parents

I got this idea from Veronica. She has a FB status about things she never expected to hear herself say and others have comments with ones of their own. Jackie's nearly killed me! ROFL So I thought that we could do that as a thread here just for giggles.

So what have you said to your child that you would not expect to hear yourself say?

For example: A common phrase here is, "Lyla honey, please do not lick the bottom of that shoe."

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"Get your fingers out your bum"

"Take the DVD/shoe/hairbrush/book/cat litter/stone/stick/cat food/toy car/pen/bottle top/mud/leaf/etc out your mouth"

"Get your finger out MY nose"

"please leave the vegetables alone"-this was in the grocery shop

"stop poking my boobs"-this was DS2..who's nearly 3..he was poking them and going "BONG" every time making a tune :rolleyes:

"Please don't touch your brothers penis"-this is for both boys!!

There's more, I'll come back to you

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Good idea Anna Biggrin Jackie's cracked me up too!!

If anyone didn't see my facebook, I had to tell my DD "We do not sit in the fridge!"

I'm always saying "We do not play in the kittys' water!" "Do not eat catfood!" and "No going off the couch/bed/etc. headfirst!"

And at least once I've said "Get your underwear off your brother's head!" Which is one time too many! Blum 3

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Brookelyn leave your sister's socks on her feet

Don't throw her socks in the bath tub

Get back down here

Leave the tv alone

Don't take your socks off

Don't bite my knee

Stop throwing your dish on the floor

Brookelyn do not climb the entertainment center!!

Get your sister's panties off your head

What are you chewing on??

Stop dumping the cat food's dish

Get outta the cat's water

My list could go on and on.. she is one busy girl... nothing like my oldest was at all!!

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This morning:
"Lyla, you can't eat styrofoam. And where on earth did you get that anyway?"

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We don't play splash pool in the toilet... And wipe your own butt, since ds thinks that is my job

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Where did you get that?
Stop grabbing the cat's butt/ear/leg/tail
Get that out of your mouth please!

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Please don't put your mouth on the cat's butt.

Please don't lick my foot.

We don't play with garbage from the garbage can.

That's for your mouth, not your fingers (as she pokes my nipple after breastfeeding)

Please don't chew on daddy's slippers.

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What are you eating? On my God where did that come from, I haven't given you that today.

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Get those shoes out of your mouth.

Leave the dog's tail alone.

Please do not lick the toilet bowl.

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For those that didn't see it on FB: "Don't eat baby Jesus!"

"How did you do that?!" (open a locked garbage can, turn on the dishwasher, etc)

"Stop moving the TV!"

"Where did he go?" (DH and I say this to each other ALL the time)

"Let's not eat the cat food again!" along with "Oh God please stop eating the cat food!"

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"No hands in poo!" (while changing a diaper, naturally)

"Come back here and let me get that squash out of your nose."

"Doggies do not eat pickles."

"I feel that there are better places to dance than on the bookshelf."

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Oh goodness, I've got 5 years of crazy phrases!

"No spiders inside. If you want to play with it, play with it OUTside."

"Boogers are not after dinner treats."

"Please stop dancing on the kitchen table. Please."

"First take a bite of your pizza, then you can have more carrots." (My 5 yo LOVES veggies!)

"Do not smack my boob."

"We don't wrestle when we're naked." (Said to brothers just after bath time)

"Do not suck on batteries!"

Man there are so many more! This thread is hilarious!

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Can you stop licking your toes?

We don't bite mommy's knee.

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Get that skinny , naked butt back here mister.

That one is every nappy change that doesn't occur on a change table.

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Another new on tonight

Just because the cat has a tail he is not a pull along toy.

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"ange84" wrote:

Just because the cat has a tail he is not a pull along toy.


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"No hands in the poop!"

"Honey, that is for reading, not eating."

"Please don't share your cracker with the puppies."

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Here's the one from today. "Do not wipe your snot on your sisters head!" "Don't wipe it on the dog either!" "No, not on the couch!"

"Grady, are you done pooping? No. Well, maybe you would be if you'd stop playing with your wiener and just poop!"

"Clara, honey, climbing in the dishwasher is not a good idea."

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don't drink the bathwater you just peed in!!

ya that was fun

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"Fine, play with the gun!!!" (nerf gun :lol:) as my guy friend said, "Not often you can say that to a kid."