throwing a fit?

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throwing a fit?

chloe is throwing fits already!!!:eek:
I don't remember trevor doing this.... maybe I should take her to the doctor for anti-fit medicine Blum 3

we were at my parents and she wanted a plastic bag, I wouldnt let her have it. so she flings her head back, arches her back and starts violently kicking her legs.. then when I got her to calm down she started scratching me!! :eek:

of course she has always been a zero- 100 kid. ever since she was born lol.

Anyone else having this problem?

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DS gets mad if he's trying to play with something that he shouldn't have (like DH's combat boots - Aiden rolls right to them as soon as DH takes them off lol). I've learned distraction is the key! As I remove Aiden from the situation I immediately hand him one of his toys (or something he can play with) and make funny sounds/faces and such. And if a toy isn't available, a burp cloth works wonders. DS is becoming rather attached to his. Perfect for peak a boo and such, which is a great distraction!

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not yet. the only time he throws a fit right now is when he is tired

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Yeah..but here it's because he's playing with something, then throws it, then hysterically cries until I give it back to him. And this is apparently a new game but it's wearing a bit thin...

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Yes! Totally the same thing when I take away something he wants to play with that is dangerous but he WANTS it. Meltdown

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Yup we get tanties here sometimes as well. Ronin has a platic bag radar, I can pick any I can see up (we get dirty clothes and nappies home from daycare in them so there are always a few) and I swear he somehow magically produces one. Same goes for packaing off items, I tidy it all up he magically finds some more.