Throwing food.

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Throwing food.

anyone else's kids still throwing their food on the floor? I would think he would be past this by now but every morning he still tosses his yogurt on the floor when he is done and makes a big mess. I've tried telling him to let me know when he is done and on rare occasions he will, but generally it goes right one the floor.

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It's not all the time, but yes, he is still doing this. It seems to happen when he is finished and wants down out of his chair. I tell him he has to wait on Mommy and Daddy are done. Yeah, that's not working yet. But the dog is happy. Blum 3

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I don't know how people have kids without dogs. They must spend a lot of time cleaning! Blum 3

Addy doesn't throw food anymore, but it hasn't been all that long. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevery once in a while she still will, but it's rare. She does DEMAND that we clear her tray the millisecond she is done eating, though. She can't stand having uneaten food sitting in front of her. Just like her daddy....

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yep, same issue, she's done and wants it out of her way! particularly annoying to me too because we do NOT have a dog. *sigh*

she's doing it a bit less lately though so that's nice!

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we don't have dogs either, but we have cats. he yelled at one of them for licking yogurt off the floor.

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LOL...Adair does that too! Well, sometimes she points it out for them and sometimes she yells at them (usually when she wanted one of them to have it and the other gets there first). Toddlers are crazy.

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Aiden is pretty good about not throwing food on the floor. Did take us awhile last winter and spring though to get him to put the food back on his plate and shove the plate away rather than throw the food or dump the whole plate over. He still has his moments, but not enough to frustrate me at least.

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Don't get me started on food throwing. It gives me agita.

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Lyla will occasionally just drop something on the floor if she doesn't want it. If she wants a new one and we won't give her one because she still has the exact same thing in her hand she will drop the one she has on the floor and reach for a new one. She also shoves her plate away and says, "done" when she's done and she gets loud about it if we don't acknowledge it and remove the offending plate. She's generally a messy eater still.

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I'm not even joking, I have found applesauce on the ceiling. He throws the cup down and it goes EVERYWHERE

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Yes, Isabelle throws food on the floor all the time-drives me nuts. Especially when I'm sitting right by her and ask her to hand it to me and she throws it anyway:rolleyes: