Time is going too fast!

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Time is going too fast!

I swear, I don't know what's happening... my clock is going at least 3x as fast as it used to! There is so much going on right now; I just feel like I'm going to have a meltdown - LOL!

I can't believe that Sun is Sophie's birthday party. I can't believe she's going to ONE on Mon. I can't believe that I start back to work on Tues. I can't believe Sophie will start daycare on Tues...

... and the list goes on! I'm trying to so hard to get everything organized but I feel like I'm the only one and I can't do it all! I am beyond broke! I just got my baby bonus yesterday and it's all gone already. I have no more EI/mat leave pay left. I won't get paid from my employer until the middle of Nov. We have nothing bought for her birthday. I have nothing for work (we are to wear black clothing and I have NONE currently). I desperately need a hair cut which won't be happening for over another month... I feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions.

I tried talking to DF about it but it seems like he doesn't understand why I'm so upset. He just keeps saying everything will come together. And that's normally what I say to him; but I don't think it works in this case! I mean, I have what? 4 days to find at least one or two black shirt and a pair of black pants yet I have NO funds to do so. We need to get some kind of snack food for Sophie's bday party for the guests that are coming; yet once again I have no cash to buy any of that. I HATE my hair right now! I thought I'd try to grow it out while on mat leave; but it's not working at all. I look like my hair is eating my head! LOL!! I don't want Sophie to turn 1 yet. I don't want her to go to daycare yet.

Anyways, that's my ridiculous rant... LOL!!

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Just take it one day at a time. Maybe there's someone you can borrow a couple of pieces of clothing from just for a couple of weeks? And you can always make Sophie's party a potluck. Wink Apparently that's normal in some places! lol.

I feel overwhelmed too, but at least I've got until the first of December to figure some of this out!

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Going back to work and starting a new routine is tough. I felt so anxious and stressed. I had to find clothes too, since at that time (DD was 3 months old) I couldn't fit into my wardrobe yet. I didn't have the extra work of planning a party or the emotions of my DD turning one either, so I can see why you are so stressed.

It sometimes drives me crazy when my DH says things like that too. I want to yell, "Yeah, it will all come together, because I'm doing it!!!!" Not like there's some magic elf in my pocket I can take out and have things get done.

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huge hugs!!! I know how it is.. I hope things can sort themselves out. They always seem to right? I wish I could help you but I am pretty much in the same situation! Being broke sucks, but at least everyone is happy and healthy, right? Biggrin

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I'm so sorry its so stressful right now. I always breaks my heart when moms have to go back to work and leave their LO regardless of age. Hope everything works out.

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We did a chili cookoff...and everyone brought chili...and I did chili and toppings...
Hang in there...I have those days too!!!
We didn't get Josie really anything for her b-day...since she is so little...Just a ball and a little toy...
Can you borrow a black outfit from someone in the mean time?
I get my hair cut a a discount place for $10. I don't have it dried...lol! Money is tight here too...((HUGS)) again!
Rant away! You need to vent!

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:bigarmhug: I know how stressful it is to go back to work after being home with your LO, especially the last few days before you start. And having to worry about finances is enough of a stress factor alone plus all the things you've got going on, I would be stressed out too. My dh is the same way when I stress, he's just like "just learn to relax, its just one day at a time." Of course he is right but him saying that like everything is no big deal drives me nuts!

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Just curious how your mat leave ran out already? mine finished just as I went back on my jobs payroll and I got payed from my employer the next week. Anyways, I'm sorry things are so hectic right now. Near the end of my mat leave my bb was gone as soon as it came in as well! things were starting to get tight and in the beginning I had put the baby bonus' in an account for Lucas. That stopped after my top up ran out so I can relate about no money. I agree with maybe borrowing an outfit until you can get one or if you don't mind used you can check out a second hand store.

can you make the snack food for her party? you could go to the bulk barn, it might be cheaper and you could get cheezies or trail mix or something like that. is your hair long enough for pony tails or pinning it back? that is my emergency fix when my hair looks like sh!t. which is always lol;) I'm sorry about your DH mine never gets it either. Probably because I do everything as well! hang in there mama!