Tobey's 2 year appointment

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Tobey's 2 year appointment

Weight 30 lbs
Height 34.5 inches

Well, everything was fine. His doc couldn't believe how well he was talking, well above a normal 2 year old. She said they look for saying between 10 and 50 words and maybe joining 2 words together. He said 1000's of words and I've heard him join up to 7 words together Lol
When she asked if he brushes his teeth he said "I no brush teeth". Which he obviously does but just wanted to make me look like I neglect him :rolleyes: (thankfully she's the same doc I've seen for the last 4 years so she knows I'm not a bad mum lol)

We actually spent more time talking about DS1's lack of attention. She said at his age it's probably just a boy thing (if he's playing video games he's fine *sigh*) but we need to encourage him to sit and concentrate for more than 10 seconds. If he's no better after Easter then I've got to go and see her to find out if something is going on before he starts school. But she say's he's very intelligent so she thinks he's just being a boy;)

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Sounds like a great appointment to me! What a cute, busy guy!

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What a talker! That's awesome. Glad it went well!
Keep us posted on Alexander.

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That's cute. If it would have been a new doctor, I would have probably hid under a chair with the "I no brush teeth." Sounds like a great appointment. I'm with Molly, KUP on Alexander please.

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Sounds like a great appt for Tobey to me! Smile

Hopefully Alexander will naturally improve his attention span over the coming months!

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great appt!!!

i'm sure it's a boy thing Wink

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Glad the appointment went great!

Yup, sounds like a boy thing to me!

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Sounds like Tobey is doing awesome! I'm sure Alexander is just fine.

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Way to go, Tobey! Sounds good!

KUP on Alexander, but sounds like a normal 3yo kiddo to me!