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Any other LO still toothless?

I know there were 3 or 4 others out there. Odin isn't the only one left is he? I was counting myself lucky this morning as I fished out a strand of carpet and yet another lego :rolleyes:

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Awww. Aiden just has the two bottom ones. #3 is taking it's dear sweet time. I wouldn't be surprised that those with less teeth than Aiden catch up and over take his count. lol.

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hehe the less teeth to bite you with!! Lucas has 5 currently

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We are still toothless over here. Not a single tooth yet. I'm starting to wonder if she is ever going to get teeth.

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Chloe has 2 bottom teeth. Trevor got his teeth WAY faster. I thought she was gonna get the vampire looking teeth in when she was born, but they never came thru. That is a good thing I think though, I am sure that would have made BF difficult! lol

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I'm pretty sure Teagan has the most! 8 for sure and I think one of her bottom molars has come through.

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Isabelle has one tooth on the bottom-that is plenty for me since it is sharp!

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Not a single tooth her either!!!

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Owen had zero teeth up until about 2 weeks ago. He now has 3 and I can see two more about to come through.

I must say though, from seems to me that the later they get their teeth, the more terrible the teething seems to be. I think it might be because they are more aware cognitively of their discomfort the older they are. Jacob and Josiah both got their teeth with really no problems, and both got their first few teeth pretty early on, 5-6 months.

Owen has been a PILL. Fussy, won't sleep, chews on everything, screams, is super clingy...I broke down and bought orajel yesterday because I can't stand it anymore!

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Clara just got her first tooth a week ago and another one came in over the weekend. I didn't think she was ever going to get them LOL! She likes to bite the back of my leg when she crawls up to me now so I'm pretty sure I should've been counting my blessings on the lack of teeth instead of wishing them in Smile

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No teeth here either...might have a little bump where one may! All my kids got them later.

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I'm a bit behind you ladies, but we have no teeth here either.

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No teeth here. At our 9 month appointment yesterday, the doctor said they were "right there", but I laugh because she said that at the 6 month appointment. Smile

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Glad Odin is still in good company!
He'll turn 1 and be bald and toothless still I

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I was just wondering about this too, Lucas has no teeth yet either. My DD didn't get any until after 10 mo, so I've been kind of expecting him to follow about the same pattern, since they've been so much alike so far. She is STILL teething at 2 1/2 and FINALLY all her canine teeth just popped through in the last week! LOL, she will probably get her 2 yr old molars at 4!

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Now the bald baby part I will definitely be joining you in at 1 year! lol. Aiden has some hair, but it's very blond and very thin. He's going to look bald forever. ha ha

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Teagan is still super bald too. She'd look twice her age due to her size and all her teeth if she had hair! I was hoping to be able to put bows in her hair for her birthday ... maybe next year.