Traumatic trip to the library

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Traumatic trip to the library

I took Rowan to the library for babystory time today, and afterward I let her look at the books. I let her sit in a toddler sized chair, which she rotated herself around in - and then got stuck! She managed to get her leg trapped in the chair between the back and the seat, and it was jammed in there so tight I couldn't get her out. She started screaming and screaming and every person in the library just turned and stared. One woman who was nearby (and had also been at the story time) came running over to help, but we still couldn't get Rowan's leg out. Finally a third woman helped, and it took one of us pulling on her body and the other two working on her leg to finally free her, with poor Rowan screaming like she was being murdered the entire time.

It was so traumatizing! I felt so helpless when I couldn't get her out myself. And looking back, I'm kind of annoyed - not a single staff person came over to see what was going on or offer to help, even when it was obvious there was a problem. Instead, like most of the library patrons, they just stared at me (and probably thought nasty thoughts about me needing to shut my baby up).

Just wanted to share the experience here both as a warning that babies should sit properly in chairs, and because I needed a place to talk about it.

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I bet you were tramatized!! My ds1 got her head stuck in the stair railing when she was about 18mths. Were were really really close to calling the fire department and then we got her freed.. Im sorry that happened to her!

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Oh thats terrible. I can't believe the staff didn't help either. Hope Rowan is ok. We have issues with Ronin tring to share his dinner with the cat and falling off his toddler chairs some nights.

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aww that is traumatizing!! stupid people just staring :bighug:

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Poor Rowan and poor you. That had to be so awful. Which library was it? I'll be sure to give the staff the stank eye if I go there. If you figure out how to get a toddler to sit in a chair properly, let me know. Teagan likes to climb up on them and then attempt to go headlong over the back. I'm not sure what the appeal is.

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Awww, poor girl. That doesn't sound like a fun experience at all.

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See! Things like that right there is why we will never live to a ripe old age. How many years did that take off your life? I'm glad some of the other patrons came to your aid, and how awful that not one member of the staff was concerned that a device in their establishment could have hurt a child! I think you and Erin should give them some very serious stank eye if you go back in there! I'm glad she wasn't hurt though.

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Oh no, poor Rowan and poor mummy :bighug:

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Sad Ds got his leg stuck in his recalled crib when he was about 18m or so(his knee got wedged in between the crib slats)! My best friend was over and even her seeing me freak out was embarrassing, I mean I totally freaked out! I also felt helpless because Trevor was screaming and I couldn't get him out. Dh was home luckily and he was able to free him! I am glad the other women helped you. It is ridiculous that someone who worked there did not even offer to help! I am glad she is ok Smile

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Poor mom and poor baby! I would have been shaken up too.

The lack of reaction from the staff is terrible.

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How awful!! Those nasty workers do deserve serious stank eye!

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I'm thinking about writing a complaint letter (3 years of law school = I can write excellent complaints), but I don't know if I should. This is the library near my house (Woods, Erin), and I take Rowan to activities there twice a week.

Rowan was hoarse all day yesterday from the screaming, and she has bruises on her leg.

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I'd totally write a complaint. Maybe then they will actually pay attention to their visitors! especially if they hold events for toddlers...

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If it were me, I'd skip the letter and get straight to making a stink at the front desk. But I'm from Jersey where stinks are customary. Also, I'm from a town where everyone's parents are lawyers so I've seen some epic stinks. Seeing as this is Tucson, a letter might be more appropriate. If they'd been gracious and helped you out, would you have written a thank you letter? I say write one if the point is to express how disappointed you were that they didn't come to your aid.

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Poor little girl! Sad


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SO sorry that happened! That really sucks! I am glad that she is OK!!! I can't believe no one helped!

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What an upsetting experience for both of you Sad I can't believe none of the staff tried to help, that just stinks.

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:


If you figure out how to get a toddler to sit in a chair properly, let me know. Teagan likes to climb up on them and then attempt to go headlong over the back. I'm not sure what the appeal is.

Ditto!! Sophie likes to sit in her chair, but more importantly, she LOVES to push it around the living room and then climb up in the chair then climb onto other things, like the couches, the coffee table, the tv stand... etc...

I'm sooooo sorry you and Rowan had to go through such a scary experience!! OMG! I would have freaked and started crying!! And then I would have lost my sh*t on the library workers.