Trick or treating..

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Trick or treating..

Anyone else going? chloe will be but I'm sure most of her candy will be ate by us lol. Trevor is super excited. Disney channel has him thinking that he will get stickers, which would be fine...but when he sees you get candy I think he will be even more excited...

Hope everyone has a great halloween!

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We are taking Odin out just because my 6 year old is all about going out this year. The plan is to take Odin out for 30 min. and then go home to put him to bed while my 6 year old goes out longer with a family friend.

We totally dump most of our kid's candy back into our treat bowl and pass it all out before the night is done.

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No trick or treating here and no attempts of people trick or treating at our house either. It may really help that it's not huge here, my neighbourhood has few young families and we have no outside light on the front of the house to turn on saying we are giving away lollies.

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DH is taking Lucas out to a couple houses right now. Mostly family and maybe the neighbours depending on how he is doing. it's 6pm here and no kids have come by yet. I'm going to eat all the candy!!! lol. We dump the crappy candy back in the bowl to hand out

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We're taking Teagan for a spin around the neighborhood with a few friends. I'll probably only actually go up to my neighbor's house. I have entirely too much candy at my house. We'd better get a lot of trick or treaters or else I'm going to get fat.

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We were going to go, but poor little Simon is sick. He's been acting miserable for the past several hours and has a fever of 39.3. Sad I guess we'll dress him up and take pictures tomorrow if he feels better. So crappy!

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We'll be trick or treating with a few friends. Not in my neighborhood, because nobody does it here (we've had exactly two trick or treaters in the three years I've lived here), but in Erin's neighborhood, where we were promised candy and, at one particular house, pizza.

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We took Evan to a party at his daycare. They had all kinds of activities set up to play, he ended up playing in the 3 year old toys. Smile We did Boo at the Zoo last weekend, so he got to dress up then too. I think tonight we will stay in.

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We took both girls out!! Sophie was dressed up but we didn't take her to any doors... Our DD1 got enough candy for the whole family! WOW!! Lol Smile

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I bought a bunch of candy one year and turned the porch light, but only got 3 trick or treaters, so I don't do that anymore.

We didn't take Lyla out at all. I kinda wanted to get her a cute costume just for the cuteness factor, but never ended up doing it. We just sat around the house.

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My mom & I took the kids out downtown in the small town they live in. There we soooo many kids there, and it was nice b/c everyone that wants to participate sets up in their front yard or driveway, so you don't have to actually ring any doorbells. And the elementary school and at least one of the churches had a trunk-or-treats set up, so we really hit the jackpot there! Lily had sooooo much fun, and has been talking about her "treats" ever since! We pretty much kept Lucas in the stroller, but he seemed to enjoy himself too. I absolutely love Halloween, I'm so glad Lily is old enough to really enjoy it now!

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Chloe and trevor had a blast. We go to family first then to a little neighborhood. Its like 2 blocks. Chloe was saying her version of trick or treat before the night was over.

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I took my DD's trick or treating in our neighborhood. (DH stayed home to hand out candy.) We get a lot of kids and it's fun to see the streets full of kids. Lots of people gave Lilly an extra treat "for her little brother". I guess Eleanor looked like a boy in her bee costume. Smile Lilly can thank her little sissy for the extra treats!

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"jolly11sd" wrote:

We totally dump most of our kid's candy back into our treat bowl and pass it all out before the night is done.

Growing up, I always put the candy I didn't like in our bowl to hand back out. Lol

We were on the road all day yesterday. We stopped at some random east TX town for the night. DS got nothing, but DH and I got free wine from the hotel as a treat. lol. I was really hoping to be back in town in time, but getting my husband motivated for a 17 hour trip took me a day longer than I hoped.